Having a small bathroom can be quite tricky because, in the end, you have to make it comfortable for your bath time. You don’t want to make your bath time becomes suffocate with cluttering around. There are some ways that you can use to make your small bathroom look and feel wider. It can be done by using a bright neutral shade like white as the main color and installing other functional features like a mirror with an organization inside or around it.

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To inspire you, we have prepared some exhilarating small bathroom ideas that you can use as a reference.

Best Small Bathroom Ideas

Small Bathroom Ideas: Chic Small Bathroom

Small Bathroom Ideas 1

A bathroom without a bathtub? It’s not a problem at all! This small bathroom contains all the features that you need from a toilet and a shower area. Dominated by white tiles, it makes the bathroom feels airy and more spacious.

Small Bathroom Ideas: Classic Farmhouse Style

Small Bathroom Ideas 2

Again, an all-white concept is still popular when it comes to making a small area look wider. A white shower area and pattern tiles floor give a classic and vintage feeling.

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Small Bathroom Ideas: Stylish Modern Look

Small Bathroom Ideas 3

A modern decorating style can still look stunning in a small area. This bathroom gives a modern contemporary look by combining concrete tiles, glass partitions, and simple wooden sunken shelves behind the toilet.

Small Bathroom Ideas: Attractive Shower Corner

Small Bathroom Ideas 4

Instead of using a regular shape for a shower area, do your magic by making the corner of the wall a simple shower space. This can be a good way to make the area looks more spacious for other furniture.

Small Bathroom Ideas: Chic Modern Vibe

Small Bathroom Ideas 5

You don’t always need a big bathroom to get a stylish modern atmosphere. The combination of concrete materials for the walls and floor, wood for the shower, and ceiling become attractive points.

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Small Bathroom Ideas: Minimalist Bright Nuance

Small Bathroom Ideas 6

Here we have a small bathroom with an alcove bathtub that is often used in a small space. This kind of bathtub is also usually characterized by a shower above. Keep the room bright by letting enough lightings enter inside.

Small Bathroom Ideas: Stylish Simple Bathroom

Small Bathroom Ideas 7

Not all stylish bathrooms need a big space. This shower area with green tiles as the background and a clear partition is enough to make it looks stylish yet less suffocating.

Small Bathroom Ideas: Creative Simple Space

Small Bathroom Ideas 8

Create a special area with a shower and bathtub in the same space. To prevent any splashes, use a partition that gives it a modern look. Any space left? Add a functional vanity with some drawers as additional storage.

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Small Bathroom Ideas: Luxurious White Bathroom

Small Bathroom Ideas 9

Another idea that can make the bathroom looks luxurious is by using marble materials. A shower corner, cabinets, a huge mirror, and a simple sink look stunning and blend well together so well.

Small Bathroom Ideas: Fresh Farmhouse Nuance

Small Bathroom Ideas 10

For those who love a minimalist style with monochromatic shades, this modern farmhouse concept looks attractive. A white clawfoot bathtub, sink, open vanity, and white walls look so stunning, especially with a unique shape.

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Now you are ready to make your petite bathroom looks more attractive by stealing some ideas from this list!