A bathroom is one of the most important spots of the house that has to be as comfortable as possible. It’s because you use it almost every single day before and after your daily activities. If you think it’s impossible to make a design statement in a tiny bathroom, it’s time to reconsider and step outside of your comfort zone.

Yes, it can be quite challenging, tiny bathrooms present the perfect opportunity to go bold and express your creativity. A tiny bathroom also means that you can cut some of the expenses and save up more for other things.

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There are a lot of tricks and hacks that you can use to make your tiny bathroom looks and feels bigger. Below we have picked some references for tiny bathroom ideas that you might want to copy and apply it to yours.

Best Tiny Bathroom Ideas

Tiny Bathroom Ideas: Bright White Bathroom

Tiny Bathroom Ideas: Bright White Bathroom

White is a color that you can choose as the main color to colorize the whole area. Other than lamps, place it next to a window so it gets natural light. To make it looks less plain, use textured or patterned tiles as the base of the bathtub and the wall. Since a tiny bathroom has limited space, use simple partition or don’t use it at all

Tiny Bathroom Ideas: Eye-Catching Bathroom

Tiny Bathroom Ideas: Eye-Catching Bathroom

When it comes to a tiny space, you would want to use every single corner to be useful and functional. It’s alright if you don’t have a bathtub because it doesn’t make your tiny bathroom becomes less functional. Try installing a simple walk-in shower and add a curtain for extra privacy. Right on the side, use for a toilet, and cabinets or drawers. If there’s still space left, make floating shelves to put some necessities.

Tiny Bathroom Ideas: Tiny Bathtub

Tiny Bathroom Ideas: Tiny Bathtub

Yes, you can still have a bathtub but make sure it has to be tiny as well. To give a more attractive and eye-catching point, try using patterned tiles for the floor so it doesn’t look too boring with only white shade. Again, enough lighting is important to a small room to make a wider illusion.

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Having a tiny space is either an easy or challenging job to decorate because you have to consider a lot of things before decorating it. Decorating a tiny bathroom can be easy when you love simplicity. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t make it looks attractive.

One thing that you need to take note of is you shouldn’t use big and bulky cabinets, vanity or shelves. Also, using bright colors and enough lighting can have a big role in making your tiny bathroom looks less stuffy.

It’s time for you to decorate your tiny bathroom to look more dazzling with any idea that suits your taste and needs!