We can say that a bathroom is one of the important areas in a house that we can leave without. Other than a living room and bedroom, it’s one of the high-traffic rooms that need to be comfortable. Choosing a particular design for your bathroom will always be fun because you can decorate it based on your preference. Various decorating styles are available from the classic traditional to the most recent or modern ones.

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Below we have gathered our ten best picks of bathroom designs that you can steal immediately.

Best Bathroom Design Ideas

Bathroom Design Ideas: Bright Cottage Look

Bathroom Design Ideas 1

White still becomes the best shade that many homeowners choose to color their bathrooms because it makes them brighter. Also, wood elements, a washed rug, and a simple bathtub beautify the area even more.

Bathroom Design Ideas: Stunning Vintage Vibe

Bathroom Design Ideas 2

Creating a certain vibe is also good to make you feel better. The tile floor details and a freestanding bathtub give a vintage feeling. Meanwhile, the black ceiling and gold accents add an elegant touch beautifully.

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Bathroom Design Ideas: Chic Minimalist Design

Bathroom Design Ideas 3

The simple the better is something that we can spot easily in this bathroom. Using a minimalist style may also be a great way to declutter and make your bath time becomes more joyful.

Bathroom Design Ideas: Elegant Bright Look

Bathroom Design Ideas 4

A simple layout of a bathroom that consists of wooden vanity, freestanding bathtub, wall mirror, and a frameless shower area. Thanks to the good lighting, this spot looks so bright and breezy.

Bathroom Design Ideas: Masculine Gray Tones

Bathroom Design Ideas 5

Other than bright shades, you might also use a slightly darker shade like gray and its other shades. The combination of gray surroundings and framed glass partitions makes this bathroom looks stylish and quite masculine.

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Bathroom Design Ideas: Lovely Vintage Retro

Bathroom Design Ideas 6

If you like to decorate your bathroom with patterns, adding some pattern details on the floor is a good way to make a natural addition. The pink vanity and pattern tiles give a retro vibe that enhances the ambiance.

Bathroom Design Ideas: Warm Earthy Tones

Bathroom Design Ideas 7

Earthy tones will never fail to give a warm ambiance that may also affect your mood. The concrete tiles floor and wood elements become the focal point that blend well with each other.

Bathroom Design Ideas: Jaw-Dropping All-White

Bathroom Design Ideas 8

An all-white look becomes the best choice that you can choose to make your bathroom looks more stunning. Instead of a partition, you might want to add a curtain with a curtain rail.

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Bathroom Design Ideas: Stunning Small Layout

Bathroom Design Ideas 9

Having a small bathroom can also look stunning depending on how you decorate it. Just like this image, you have all the needs in one place that also looks wider due to the use of white and brown shades.

Bathroom Design Ideas: Simple Minimalist Design

Bathroom Design Ideas 10

Another design that is still popular among many homeowners is a minimalist design. Just like this idea, a simple bathroom layout in black and white looks so stunning. The frameless glass partition also enhances simplicity.

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Just pick the best bathroom design idea that you like and start getting a new look for your bathroom now!