A bathroom is probably the second most used room in a house after a bedroom. It’s basically a place where you freshen your mind and body before and after your daily activities. We are sure that many people want to make their bathroom looks clutter-free and organized. Therefore, storage is also important in a bathroom to keep your toiletries say in place. One of the methods that you can use to store your stuff is shelves.

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We have collected dozens of bathroom shelves ideas that will keep your bathroom clean, neat, and organized. Let’s start and keep scrolling for more simple bathroom shelves ideas!

Best Bathroom Shelves Ideas

Bathroom Shelves Ideas: Simple Open Shelves

Bathroom Shelves Ideas: Simple Open Shelves

If all of your bathroom features like a bathtub, toilet, sink, and vanity are available inside but you still have some empty space left, then create built-in shelves. Just like this idea, make built-in shelves based on your needs and space itself. Making it as open shelves can be very helpful to make the coming guest or you easier to access the stuff you need.

Bathroom Shelves Ideas: Lovely Small Shelves

Bathroom Shelves Ideas: Lovely Small Shelves

No matter how big or small an empty area is, it will always be useful as additional storage to put your toiletries. Although there’s a small space next to the bathtub, you can still use it as additional storage by making open floating shelves. For alternative decoration, use woven baskets to put some stuff inside.

Bathroom Shelves Ideas: Lovely Earthy Shelves

Bathroom Shelves Ideas: Lovely Earthy Shelves

This all-white bathroom looks really soothing and elegant. Instead of using many cabinet or drawers, create open shelves made of wood to make it more spacious. Of course, you can put anything that you need and make it accessible on the shelves. While for the cabinet, you might want to use it to put toilet paper rolls.

Bathroom Shelves Ideas: Matching Open Shelves

Bathroom Shelves Ideas: Matching Open Shelves

Instead of using a separate cabinet and cost you even more, build one to make it matches with the paint color and tiles. These ocean blue open shelves look captivating with white combination and wood element as the base. The matte blue color makes it looks more balanced with the white marble wall feature and the bathtub.

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Adding additional shelves, whether a build-in or floating, closed or open, will definitely help you to keep your bathroom organized. Making a cozy and neat bathroom is a must because you don’t want to take a shower while your toiletries lay here and there.

Just choose the best bathroom shelves idea that suits your needs and budget and start making one in your own bathroom now!