As you may have known that color has a very important role in creating a certain vibe in a room. Not only for the vibe of the room but also your mood. Usually, bright colors can help you to get a refreshing look and brighten the room with slight help from lighting. This also applies to a bathroom because it’s a place where you should get a refreshed feeling.

One of the bright colors that you might want to consider is yellow. Yellow and its various shades are a beautiful shade that you can use as color to dominate your bathroom. Of course, you can use it as an accent for the wall, floor, curtain, bathtub, toilet, shower or other parts. Yellow is indeed a fresh color that will help you to make your mood up.

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To help you with the reference, below we have prepared tons of fresh and refreshing yellow bathroom ideas!

Best Yellow Bathroom Ideas

Yellow Bathroom Ideas: Unique Wall Decor

Yellow Bathroom Ideas: Unique Wall Decor

If you like a unique design, this idea might suit your taste. Instead of using one shade of yellow for the entire room, use some shade of yellow tiles for wall decor. You can make it looks like a mosaic from the upper to the floor. Another option is combining it with neutral shades like gray and white to make it balance. This idea is also suitable for you who have children because it can be an attractive spot.

Yellow Bathroom Ideas: Two-Tone Style

Yellow Bathroom Ideas: Two-Tone Style

This bright yellow wall looks quite simple but also refreshing because it is combined with white shade. Using a two-tone style to paint a room is a good consideration if you are the type who doesn’t really like to use a single color. The white shade can be the color that balances the bright yellow. For a patterned touch, use patterned tiles for the floor whether with the same or different color.

Yellow Bathroom Ideas: Bright Yellow Flooring

Yellow Bathroom Ideas: Bright Yellow Flooring

Use this accent to make the bathroom looks refreshing in a different way. These patterned yellow tiles give a big statement to the all-white bathroom. Not only the floor but also for the necessities shelf inside the shower.

Yellow Bathroom Ideas: Bright and Playful

Yellow Bathroom Ideas: Bright and Playful

For people who have children, this might suit you so you can create a playful look. Colorful wall, yellow bathtub, and the bright blue floor is something that will make everyone awes as soon as they enter the bathroom.

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Just keep scrolling for more beautiful and bright yellow bathroom ideas!

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Choosing yellow as the main or accent color for a bathroom is a good idea because it can help you to create a refreshing vibe. Of course, you can combine it with other colors whether the same bright color of softer ones to tone it down.

If you’re bored with your current bathroom color, why don’t you try recoloring it with yellow?