For some people, a bathroom is a place where they get inspiration while refreshing their bodies and mind. It’s one of the spots where people start their day and end their tiredness before sleep. Making a comfortable bathroom is important because you don’t only need a refreshing vibe but also a beautiful color to enhance it. A soft or pastel pink is one of the best colors to create a calming effect in a room.

Of course, pink may not everyone’s color because it’s usually linked to something girly and feminine. For those who love pink, it’s indeed a beautiful color that gives them a captivating look. You don’t always have to use a single pink color for the whole room but use it in a certain spot. Not only paint but you can use tiles or patterned wallpaper to create a different vibe.

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To give you inspiration on how to create and modify a pink bathroom, we have prepared some beautiful pink bathroom ideas just for you!

Best Pink Bathroom Ideas

Pink Bathroom Ideas: Simple Pink Bathroom

Pink Bathroom Ideas: Simple Pink Bathroom

As mentioned that you don’t have to colorize the whole bathroom in pink if you don’t like it. Instead of painting the wall, use tiles to create a different look and vibe. Blush pink is one of the softest color shades that you can use to create a soft look. On the other side, use a neutral color like white to make it balance.

Pink Bathroom Ideas: Modern Pink Bathroom

Pink Bathroom Ideas: Modern Pink Bathroom

Another blush pink inspiration that you can use as a reference if you don’t like a vibrant shade. To make it less plain, combine it with another color like black as the accent for some decorations. Using a modern decor item like vanity, mirror, faucet, shower, and sink can give a modern more modern vibe.

Pink Bathroom Ideas: Lovely Pink Wall

Pink Bathroom Ideas: Lovely Pink Wall

If coloring the main shower room with pink is too much, then use it for the outer spot. Instead of just a plain pink color, use tiles with different shades or patterned wallpaper to decorate the vanity area. This can be a spotlight and become an eye-catching point for the spot which has black cabinets.

Pink Bathroom Ideas: Outstanding Pink Bathroom

Pink Bathroom Ideas: Outstanding Pink Bathroom

If you like pink and want to make the bathtub spot looks standout, you might want to try this idea. You can let the rest of the room dominated with white paint and make the bathtub looks more special. If the bathroom, in general, is colored in white, then using patterned tiles as the bath base will be a good choice.

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So those are some beautiful pink bathroom ideas that you can use for your ultimate reference if you’re planning to create your own dream bathroom. Choosing pink as the base color is not a bad idea because you can modify it with other colors.

Just pick your favorite pink bathroom idea that suits your taste, modify it, and start coloring your bathroom now!