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Simple Bathroom Ideas for Your Minimalist Home

The simple the better is probably the best saying that is suitable for people who love simplicity, includes home design. Having a minimalist home concept is still popular among many homeowners despite other popular concepts. A minimalist concept keeps your room looks neat but still functional and of course, it applies to any room.

Making a simple bathroom can be quite easy because you just need to put less furniture or other decorations. Well, the definition of the simple concept itself depends on each person’s point of view. Some may think that they can put colorful paint or wallpaper as long as it’s neat and still functional,  it’s simple for them.

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No worries, we have compiled dozens of simple bathroom ideas only for you and we hope that these ideas can help you out!

Best Simple Bathroom Ideas

Simple Bathroom Ideas: Simple and Stunning

Simple Bathroom Ideas: Simple and Stunning

An all-white concept is one of the most popular concepts that can make a room looks simple. This bathroom looks quite simple with a toilet and walk-in shower. To make a separation, install a glass partition between them. Add accents like hexagonal-patterned tiles for the wall, floor, and also wooden elements for a softer effect.

Simple Bathroom Ideas: Black and White

Simple Bathroom Ideas: Black and White

When it comes to monochromatic colors, black, white, and gray are colors that will give you an infinite charm. Gray concrete floor, black accents, and white domination can be a simple concept that you have been looking for.

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Simple Bathroom Ideas: Clean Functional Arrangement

Simple Bathroom Ideas: Clean Functional Arrangement

You can place all the main features and still get a neat bathroom just like this idea. You have the toilet, bathtub, walk-in shower, and vanity mirror in one place without making it looks stuffy. If you feel the need to put another decor item, make sure it’s a simple one.

Simple Bathroom Ideas: Small and Functional

Simple Bathroom Ideas: Small and Functional

This small bathroom doesn’t deduct its main function because it still has its main function. When it comes to a small room, make sure to give enough lighting so it looks more spacious. Furthermore, using a brighter shade also helps to brighten the atmosphere.

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simple bathroom ideas 5


simple bathroom ideas 6


simple bathroom ideas 7


simple bathroom ideas 8


simple bathroom ideas 9

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Keep scrolling down for more minimalist and captivating simple bathroom ideas!

simple bathroom ideas 10


simple bathroom ideas 11


simple bathroom ideas 12


simple bathroom ideas 13


simple bathroom ideas 14

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simple bathroom ideas 15


simple bathroom ideas 16


simple bathroom ideas 17


simple bathroom ideas 18


simple bathroom ideas 19

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Designing a bathroom in a simple and minimalist style will keep your bathroom looks stunning but still keeping its main function. A simple bathroom is suitable for people who love to keep their bathrooms only as a place to refresh their bodies.

You can still use any decorations or accents to make it looks slightly decorative but still keep its simplicity. It’s time for you to pick your favorite simple bathroom based on your taste and do magic in your bathroom now!

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