Choosing a concept of home decor can be very tricky and confusing because there are a lot of concepts that you can find on the internet. However, it can also be easy for people who always have a certain preference. From the classic concept that gives a retro and vintage vibe to the most modern one.

One of the concepts that you might want to try is the farmhouse design. This design has characteristics using a natural material like wood and other neutral shades. The farmhouse concept is suitable for any room in your house, includes a bathroom.

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To give you some inspirations, we have collected tons of farmhouse bathroom ideas that will help you to narrow down your options!

Best Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas

Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas: Clean and Calming

Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas: Clean and Calming

A farmhouse concept is one of the concepts that will give you both simplicity and calming effect due to its natural elements and neutral colors. In this idea, the bathroom is filled with neutral color, especially white for almost the entire area. A pastel blue vanity and wooden mirror frame give another calming accent to the spot.

Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas: Chic Modern Bathroom

Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas: Chic Modern Bathroom

This bathroom gives an eclectic modern farmhouse vibe that comes from the elements inside. Starting from the tiled wall, it probably becomes the focal point that will attract attention due to its black edge. The next thing to point out is the wooden vanity and ceiling accent that gives the farmhouse feel.

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Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas: Minimalist Farmhouse Look

Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas: Minimalist Farmhouse Look

For people who want to make a modern and chic overall look from the wood instead of using the natural color might want to try this idea. Instead of filling up the room with the wood color, painting it in white can be a good idea. Instead, use the natural wood color only for a certain spot or decoration like the floor and alighting fixtures.

Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas: Breathtaking Classic Nuance

Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas: Breathtaking Classic Nuance

For people who want to make a classic look, especially those who love patterns, this idea is perfect to copy. The shiny black ceiling somehow has a perfect match with the patterned tiled flooring that has a classic vibe. Not only that, there are two different wall looks that separate two areas. The wooden cupboard and vanity soften the vibe even more.

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Don’t worry, we still have some options for you to choose below so make sure to check them all out!

Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas 5


Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas 6


Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas 7


Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas 8


Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas 9


Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas 10


Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas 11

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Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas 12


Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas 13


Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas 14


Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas 15


Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas 16


Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas 17


Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas 18

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Applying a farmhouse concept for a bathroom can give you a calming and relaxing look. It’s suitable for people who love a warm ambiance without many decorative items. Just pick the one that suits your taste and needs and start redecorating your bathroom now!