When picking out a shower, you also need to consider how its appearance will affect your bathroom’s overall look. There are many different styles and shapes, but primarily for this article, we will be discussing why you should consider a frameless shower.

A frameless shower enclosure refers to showers that don’t have any metal frames around the glass. They are made from thicker glass panels to achieve the necessary stability and rigidity of framed showers. Instead, the panels are kept in place by caulk joints and small, unobtrusive hinges.

Those who purchase frameless shower doors have much praise for their sleeker visual appeal over framed shower doors, but do they have other advantages besides looking good? Here are a few reasons why you should consider installing one in your bathroom.

  1. Easier to maintain

The metal frame surrounding framed shower enclosures is often where corrosion first occurs due to excessive moisture. You also have to worry about grime and scum build-up. This means that framed showers require a lot of cleaning to keep them looking presentable. Frameless showers minimise or eliminate this problem by not having as much metal around the shower.

  1. Improves overall bathroom look

The lack of frames on a shower enclosure makes the room look bigger, perfect for those working with small bathroom space. Frameless showers also look more modern and stylish. They also offer a wider range of design options than framed shower enclosures, giving you more freedom over your bathroom’s appearance. You can have a regular, geometric enclosure or a unique shape like ovals.

  1. More versatile

Framed shower doors have a limited range of motion, only opening outward. This makes frameless doors perfect for those who don’t have that much bathroom space for a shower door to fully swing open. Additionally, having a door that swings open both ways decreases your chance of injury.

You can choose a sliding door for framed showers, but the crevice between the doors can accumulate grime and scum over time. This is even more inconvenient when you consider the fact that this crevice is difficult to clean properly.

  1. Easier repairs

The lack of frames means that replacing broken panels can be done by any glass manufacturer. When a framed shower enclosure needs panel replacement, you need to go directly to the same manufacturer since it will be expensive to customise a framed glass panel that matches and fits exactly with the rest of the enclosure. Frameless showers also have fewer metal parts, which means decreased corrosion, which means fewer replacements and repairs overall.

While frameless shower enclosures are generally more expensive than their framed counterparts, it’s wise to consider other costs like the regular maintenance and cleaning services that framed shower enclosures require. You also need to consider the costly and inconvenient repairs that you may face with framed shower enclosures. Once you weigh these pros and cons, you may realise why a frameless shower is the better choice, especially for those lacking space and who prefer a more minimalist, modern look for their bathrooms.