Your bathroom is an area that you need to keep clean and smell fresh no matter if it’s a master or guest bathroom. A smelly and stinky bathroom is definitely not the kind of bathroom that you want to have. There are a few causes that can make a bathroom smells bad from a damp atmosphere to piled debris on the bathroom sink and drain.

Sometimes we might think that our bathroom looks clean but it doesn’t guarantee that the whole bathroom is clean from bad odor. Of course, you can remove and prevent bad odors from coming with some simple supplies that you can get easily from the nearest store and even right from your own kitchen.

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Thorough Cleaning

How to Keep Bathrooms Fresh 1

Regular cleaning is probably the most important key to keeping a room clean and smelling nice. Some spots in a bathroom that you have to keep your eyes on it are the sink and drain. These two spots can be the source of bad odors if you miss cleaning them. Another spot that might cause bad odors in a bathroom is a towel hanger which means that if you hang your damp or wet clothes or towels, it might cause bad odors and mold.

Ventilate Well

How to Keep Bathrooms Fresh 2

Ventilation is the next thing that you have to take into account when planning to build or remodel a bathroom. Good ventilation will definitely affect your bathroom smell since it’s a damp and moist place. You can plan to have either a window or an exhaust fan. If you choose to have windows, please make sure to open them when you’re done with your bath time. If it’s an exhaust fan, you can turn it on for about an hour to remove the dampness and moisture.

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Air Freshener

How to Keep Bathrooms Fresh 3

This method is more optional but you could consider it to give the bathroom an instant good smell. There are various air freshener products that you can choose from an electric air freshener to a reed diffuser. When choosing a certain air freshener, we recommend choosing one with a relaxing and calming scent so you can get an extra refreshing effect while showering.

Bathroom Sinks

How to Keep Bathrooms Fresh 4

Debris and dirt might pile up in the sink that making a bad smell comes from it throughout the whole bathroom. When doing regular cleaning, it’s important to check the sink and check if there is piled-up debris that causes a bad odor. One thing that you can do is by cleansing the sink with a mix of boiling water and vinegar or baking soda to remove grease and other stuff.

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Bathroom Drains

Another spot that also connects with the sink is the drainage system. This spot can be the source of bad odors if you don’t clean it thoroughly. It’s because the drain becomes a part of the drainage system where all your food waste flows so it means that grease and other contaminants meet and stuck.

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So, those are five simple steps that you can do to remove and prevent bad odors from your bathrooms. Of course, the best step is to do a regular thorough cleaning to optimize the other steps. We hope that these help you to find the best solution for your bathroom.