There are various materials that you can use to decorate every room in your home to make it looks more attractive and also functional. Among the materials that you can choose, there is a marble that will make every room becomes the center of the attention, includes a bathroom.

Choosing a marble as the main or even a base material for a bathroom is a great idea that you can consider. Especially for a master bathroom that will enhance the vibe of the bathroom itself. There are a lot of marble colors and patterns that you can also choose to match the concept of the bathroom. Each color and pattern has its own charm that can give a different look.

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To give you some inspirations, we have gathered some ideas of a bathroom with marble that you can use as your ultimate reference!

Best Bathroom Marble Ideas

Bathroom Marble Ideas: Breathtaking Monochromatic Concept

Bathroom Marble Ideas: Breathtaking Monochromatic Concept

The combination of black and white marble in this bathroom makes it looks so elegant. Especially when there’s a wide window that lets natural lights brighten the room. Other than that, a freestanding bowl bathtub and a modern shaded lighting fixture complete the modern feeling in this area.

Bathroom Marble Ideas: Eye-Catching Elegant Spot

Bathroom Marble Ideas: Eye-Catching Elegant Spot

In this idea, the gray marble is used for the wall in the shower area. With some lighting fixture technique, it enhances the texture and pattern f the marble. To soften the bold and masculine nuance, a wood element is a great choice.

Bathroom Marble Ideas: Stunning Gold Accent

Bathroom Marble Ideas: Stunning Gold Accent

For people who love an all-white concept, it would be nice to add another earthy and elegant element into the bathroom. Gold accents from the partition frame and bulb pendants make this bathroom looks exceptionally luxurious.

Bathroom Marble Ideas: Chic Minimalist Look

Bathroom Marble Ideas: Chic Minimalist Look

Of course, a minimalist style will never fade away because it gives an elegant overall look. Slightly different from other ideas, this bathroom only uses marble for the floor and keeps other furniture and decor simple and neat.

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Bathroom Marble Ideas 5


Bathroom Marble Ideas 6


Bathroom Marble Ideas 7


Bathroom Marble Ideas 8


Bathroom Marble Ideas 9

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Just keep scrolling down to see more jaw-dropping bathroom marble ideas that will shock you!

Bathroom Marble Ideas 10


Bathroom Marble Ideas 11


Bathroom Marble Ideas 12


Bathroom Marble Ideas 13

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Bathroom Marble Ideas 14


Bathroom Marble Ideas 15


Bathroom Marble Ideas 16


Bathroom Marble Ideas 17


Bathroom Marble Ideas 18

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How do you think with a bathroom that is covered by marble? Choosing marble as the main material to dominate a bathroom can be one of the best choices that you can choose. Of course, you don’t have to use it to cover the whole area and just use it based on your style and budget.

If you are planning to improve the look of your bathroom, adding a marble touch is worth adding to your list. Just pick the best bathroom marble that you like and get your tools to redecorate your bathroom now!