As the hub of the house, a kitchen has a very important role that you can deny. It doesn’t only have a function as a place to prepare your meal and cook but also a place to create something new.  For people who love exploring their imagination in food, a kitchen has to look as inviting as possible. However, it’s sometimes quite tricky when you have a small space.

On the contrary, having a small kitchen can be very useful because you don’t have to decorate it too flashy because it will only make it looks more stuffy.  Well, decorating a small kitchen can be very tricky as well because you need some smart moves to keep it simple and clutter-free.

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For a more detailed explanation, we have prepared some small kitchen ideas that you can use as your reference if you have a small kitchen and want to give some improvement.

Best Small Kitchen Ideas

Small Kitchen Ideas: The Stunning Minimalist

Small Kitchen Ideas: The Stunning Minimalist

If you live in a small apartment or flat with limited space, you might want to try this idea by combining a kitchen with a dining nook. For a good arrangement, place the dining area around the windows so it will give better ventilation support.  A  cozy dining area is available next to the kitchen that will let you enjoy your meal directly fresh from the oven.

Small Kitchen Ideas: Earthy Simple Kitchen

Small Kitchen Ideas: Earthy Simple Kitchen

Adding earthy color or element in a kitchen can enhance the overall look of it and becomes more lovely. This small and simple U-shaped kitchen looks dazzling with white domination that comes from the cabinets, wall, and backsplash. Again, watch out for lighting exposure so it keeps the room look brighter.

Small Kitchen Ideas: Captivating Black and White

Small Kitchen Ideas: Captivating Black and White

Another idea that is enough to make your cooking area looks stunning and inviting. Thanks to the white and black domination, it makes the kitchen looks simple but still elegant. To add another soft and warmer shade, you can use wood or greeneries elements inside.

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Keep scrolling down for more adorable small kitchen ideas that will amaze you!

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Decorating a small kitchen can be quite difficult and tricky but you can still make it looks lovely. You can still use some cabinets as storage for your stuff, but make sure to use them in enough size and amount. You don’t want to make your kitchen becomes crowded by using many big cabinets here and there. Also, bright neutral colors and enough lighting features can be very useful to create a wider effect.

Now, take a look around your kitchen and make it looks more inviting with a simple arrangement!