You may have heard that a kitchen is the hub of the house so you want to make it looks and feels as comfortable as possible. Just like its name, the hub means that it doesn’t only limit the activities to cooking and preparing meals but also a place to gather around and chat with family members and friends.

Therefore, to make it looks inviting and provide a cozy area, you need a focal point to attract people’s attention. One of the methods that you can try is by having a kitchen island. By installing an island, you can consider it as an additional area for everything you need like make it a seating or prep area.

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To give you some references, we have compiled dozens of kitchen island ideas below just for you!

Best Kitchen Island Ideas

Kitchen Island Ideas: Dazzling Earthy Island

Kitchen Island Ideas: Dazzling Earthy Island

This Scandinavian concept alone makes everyone feel relaxed and calm even just by looking at it. A simple white island with wooden countertop blends really well with the wooden floor. To complete the cozy atmosphere, add some stools so it becomes a relaxing seating area. This arrangement also helps to balance the kitchenware made of steel.

Kitchen Island Ideas: Elegant Marble Island

Kitchen Island Ideas: Elegant Marble Island

Marble is a great example of a material that will make any room looks classy and elegant. A simple white wooden island that matches the wooden cabinets looks complete with the touch of marble as its countertop. As a bonus, there is additional storage on the side to put your favorite book or recipe books.

Kitchen Island Ideas: Stunning Black and White

Kitchen Island Ideas: Stunning Black and White

The combination of black and white will never disappoint you. A wooden black island still goes well with the earthy element from the wooden flooring.  Add a sleek white stone countertop to complete the elegant look. To make it cozier, place some stools on the other sides.

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Keep scrolling down to see more attractive kitchen island ideas that will stun you!

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If you have limited space, you might want to install a smaller size. In addition, you can also customize it based on your needs. For example, you can have a functional island with storage under so you can use it as space to store your bulky kitchenware.

There are also various materials of the island based on your taste like woods, marble, stone, and others.  Other than that, you can also modify it to have a sink on it. So, are you ready to makeover your kitchen with an island? Just pick the one that suits your taste and install an island now!