Adding shelves in every room is definitely something that every homeowner needs to do to keep some stuff organized and neat, including a kitchen. When it comes to a kitchen, you will definitely need shelves whether a few small or big ones. You can use them to store everything from kitchenware to food and keep them within your reach to ease you when cooking.

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Below we have a few kitchen shelf styles that might inspire you!

Best Kitchen Shelves Ideas

Kitchen Shelves Ideas: Simple Sunken Shelves

Kitchen Shelves Ideas 1

If you have an empty space or already plan to add a designated spot for shelves, a sunken style can be a good inspiration. Especially for people who love to keep the stuff ‘hidden’ and not too visible, it’s definitely a good option.

Kitchen Shelves Ideas: Stunning Minimalist

Kitchen Shelves Ideas 2

In this idea, an open shelf is a great option if you love a space-saving feature to keep your wall looking less crowded. Of course, you can still keep the lower shelves for bigger kitchenware and small ones for smaller items.

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Kitchen Shelves Ideas: Earthy Cottage

Kitchen Shelves Ideas 3

Here we have another open shelves idea that gives a rustic feeling. This kind of shelf suits best for smaller items like salt, sugar, pepper, cups, or even decorative items like indoor plants.

Kitchen Shelves Ideas: Decorative Floating Shelves

Kitchen Shelves Ideas 4

Other than using the shelves for kitchenware, you can also use them to place decorations and recipe books. Just in case you have a lot of stuff in a kitchen, adding an open shelf is a good way to keep them exposed and easy to find.

Kitchen Shelves Ideas: Rustic Industrial

Kitchen Shelves Ideas 5

This breathtaking rustic industrial kitchen will look more balanced with a wooden floating shelf. Again, you can add the number of shelves based on your need and the size of the stuff you’re planning to place on it.

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Kitchen Shelves Ideas: Lovely Shabby Chic

Kitchen Shelves Ideas 6

Those who like a rustic and shabby chic concept might want to steal this idea. As you can see that there are various sizes of shelves and even additional features such as hooks to hang cooking pans, ladles, knives, spatulas, and others.

Kitchen Shelves Ideas: Stylish Retro

Kitchen Shelves Ideas 7

This colorful kitchen looks so eye-catching and stunning with the wood domination. Wood floating shelves in a thick cut are suitable for bigger items like steamers, bowls, vases, books, and other bigger items.

Kitchen Shelves Ideas: Elegant Shelves

Kitchen Shelves Ideas 8

These closed wooden shelves look so elegant with their natural color, accents, and lines. Its light shade blends really well with the white and light mint green lower shelves. If you like to have safer storage, an enclosed shelf is indeed a good choice.

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Kitchen Shelves Ideas: Striking Scandinavian

Kitchen Shelves Ideas 9

The combination of white and light natural wood for these shelves gives a Scandinavian ambiance. Moreover, the tiles on the backsplash add a more elegant look that will reflect the light and make this spot stands out even more.

Kitchen Shelves Ideas: Stylish Farmhouse

Kitchen Shelves Ideas 10

For those who love to have open shelves only for specific items, you can combine both regular shelves with simple ones. The simplicity of the shelves matches well with the minimalist kitchen.

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That’s all for the kitchen shelves ideas that you can steal right away to keep your kitchen neater than ever!