Who doesn’t like a clean and tidy area, especially when it’s an area to cook and prepare your meal? We know that a kitchen is the busiest area in a house where you spend your day and night to prepare your favorite food. No matter the size of the kitchen is, whether it’s small or big, it’s always good to have a clean and organized one.

You don’t want to prepare your meal in a hassle and have difficulties finding kitchen utensils and appliances because of the mess. That’s why you would need smart tricks to organize and store your kitchen stuff whether it’s cabinets, cupboards, shelves, and others.

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Here we have gathered dozens of kitchen storage ideas that you can steal and apply it to your house based on your taste and needs.

Best Kitchen Storage Ideas

Kitchen Storage Ideas: Functional Storage Board

Kitchen Storage Ideas: Functional Storage Board

If you have any empty space in your kitchen, especially on the wall, you might want to use pegboard or simply hooks to hang some appliances. Use this trick to hang some big things like pans, pots, cutting board, and also small stuff that you lost frequently.

Kitchen Storage Ideas: Breathtaking Kitchen Island

Kitchen Storage Ideas: Breathtaking Kitchen Island

One of the kitchen features that you can use as additional storage is a kitchen island. Get a kitchen island that you can also use as storage with some drawers inside. This earthy kitchen island looks really dazzling with a stone top and wooden base and various drawer sizes so you can fit any kitchen stuff based on their sizes.

Kitchen Storage Ideas: Simple Side Sliding Storage

Kitchen Storage Ideas: Simple Side Sliding Storage

If you have more empty space next to the refrigerator,  use it as a place to put some jarred or canned food like cereal, spices, and others. Not only self-made rack but there are usually also built-in cabinets that also provide this kind of feature. This feature is really helpful and will keep your stuff well hidden.

Kitchen Storage Ideas: Decorative Lovely Drawers

Kitchen Storage Ideas: Decorative Lovely Drawers

Well, using a drawer as storage is very common but make it more attractive by making a special baseboard to put some ingredients. Using clear jars or bottles ease the process to find the ingredients better and faster.

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Having extra storage is really helpful to keep your kitchen organized and tidy despite its busy function as a place to prepare meals day and night. Now try looking around your kitchen and see if you can do something with some of your kitchen stuff, grab your tools, and start organizing them with one of these storage ideas!