Cabinets are something that we can find almost everywhere in a house includes a kitchen. As one of the functional furniture, cabinets are really important because it helps you to store your kitchenware and appliances. In regard to size, material, and color are variable based on every homeowner’s needs and budget.

Of course, the bigger the size the better it helps you to save your kitchen necessities. However, for people with a small kitchen, sometimes a simple one makes the kitchen feels filled or stuffy. For some circumstances, some people need a personalized or customized cabinet whether to fit a certain spot or style.

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For your inspiration, we have compiled tons of kitchen cabinets ideas below that you might want to consider.

Best Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

Kitchen Cabinets Ideas: Free Standing Cabinet

Kitchen Cabinets Ideas: Free Standing Cabinet

A free-standing cabinet is a cabinet that many people use in a kitchen with various sizes. A big one is very useful to put a lot of stuff like cooking ingredients, spices, kitchenware, appliances or others. Especially if it has many shelves with a removable feature, it’s much easier to arrange the stuff.

Kitchen Cabinets Ideas: Half Open Cabinet

Kitchen Cabinets Ideas: Half Open Cabinet

If a full-covered cabinet is not your cup of tea, try this half-open cabinet for the upper part. Use this open cabinet to show off something that will look aesthetically pleasing like plates, teapot, cups, glasses or maybe your best collection of kitchen appliances. On the other side, use a regular cabinet for other things.

Kitchen Cabinets Ideas: All-White Cabinet

Kitchen Cabinets Ideas: All-White Cabinet

If you have an all-white concept for your kitchen, use this idea as a reference. Both upper and lower cabinets have the same white shade as the wall. To give a different look, choose the one with clear glass so it can help you to find the stuff you want to take out. As for the lower cabinet, use a rotating tray or we often call it as lazy susan, to help you find something easier.

Kitchen Cabinets Ideas: Simple Free Standing

Kitchen Cabinets Ideas: Simple Free Standing

Sure it doesn’t have to get a big cabinet if the spot is limited. Use a simple free-standing cabinet with a built-in pantry into it. Just because it’s simple doesn’t mean that you can’t get a multi-functional one. You can place it in the corner of the kitchen or somewhere that is near both the kitchen and dining room.

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Having cabinets in a kitchen is really necessary because it makes your kitchen looks clutter-free and stay neat. The bigger the size the better the function you will get because it means that you can store up the bulky kitchen appliances, rarely or even mostly used stuff and place it on each shelf accordingly.

Just choose the best kitchen cabinet idea that suits your needs and start installing it in your own kitchen now!