For homeowners who love the minimalist home decor or those who have a small space, avoiding partition can be a great decision. It’s because sometimes partition takes some space and make a room looks more crowded and stuffy. Of course, this excludes personal spaces like a bedroom and bathroom. Making an open space in a house is usually used for a ‘public space’ like a living room, dining room, and a kitchen.

Usually, if you use an open arrangement, the only way to make a different look is either from the paint color or additional rug. Making an open kitchen is a good idea if you want to make the space between a dining room and kitchen look wider and spacious. It also lets you enjoy your cooking activity while talking with family members, friends or watching over your children who actively playing in the living room.

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Of course, it’s quite difficult and tricky if you don’t have a reference on how to design and decorate an open kitchen. Therefore, we’ve prepared some beautifully designed open kitchen just for you below. Let’s just start and keep scrolling to see more images!

Best Open Kitchen Ideas

Open Kitchen Ideas: Elegant Open Kitchen

Open Kitchen Ideas: Elegant Open Kitchen

An open plan can be a great decision to make a room looks more spacious because there is no partition. Just like this idea, all the rooms that include a living room, kitchen, and dining room are exposed without any partition. The only distinctive item is the use of different rugs for the living room and dining room. Choosing white to dominate the whole room and enough light exposure is also a good addition to give a wide effect.

Open Kitchen Ideas: Earthy Open Kitchen

Open Kitchen Ideas: Earthy Open Kitchen

Having a dining room right next to the kitchen lets you enjoy your favorite meals right away. The light wooden dining set looks calming which also blends well with the wood flooring and rattan pendants. To keep the kitchen looks neat and organized, put kitchenware you use often outside on the open shelves and ut the bulky ones inside the cabinets.

Open Kitchen Ideas: Simple Open Kitchen

Open Kitchen Ideas: Simple Open Kitchen

A kitchen represents your taste as well because people can see what kind of home decor you like and even your style taste. If you like a simple arrangement, color, and decoration, this idea might suit your taste. Wooden floating shelves look warm and make the small kitchenware organized beautifully. As for the island, you can use marble material for the countertop to give a modern vibe.

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So, how do you think about an open plan? Is it one of your styles in decorating a room? Of course, it’s okay if an open plan is not your style, especially if you like to install partition and keep the privacy more. For some people, you might want to consider an open plan to keep your house looks simple and neat without opting out the main function of each room.

Don’t hesitate to use an open plan, especially for your kitchen, for more attractive and spacious effect!