For homeowners who love cooking and experimenting with new things with food, kitchens are their playground. Therefore, some homeowners – especially those who love cooking – will take more details for the kitchen. Choosing paint colors can be one of the aspects that will affect their comfort and mood when cooking. Although white color seems boring, it’s one of the everlasting colors that will never disappoint you to mix and match with other colors.

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For those who love white and want to use it in a kitchen, we have some ideas for you!

Best White Kitchen Ideas

White Kitchen Ideas: Elegant Modern Farmhouse

White Kitchen Ideas 1

If you’re familiar with a farmhouse decorating style, just like this kitchen, almost all elements are white from the backsplash, a marble-topped island, sink, and cabinetries. The dark flooring can be a good addition to make the room looks warmer.

White Kitchen Ideas: Stunning Monochromatic Concept

White Kitchen Ideas 2

Choosing white color is absolutely a good choice so you mix it with other colors, patterns, and accents. In this picture, you can see that any pattern and accent mix so well with each other thanks to the white color as its canvas.

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White Kitchen Ideas: Exhilarating Large Kitchen

White Kitchen Ideas 3

Another rustic farmhouse kitchen that is covered in white looks so dazzling. Moreover, the wood flooring and a black accent from the leg of the island make the kitchen looks more decorative and unique.

White Kitchen Ideas: Dazzling and Cozy

White Kitchen Ideas 4

If having two kitchen islands doesn’t fit your needs or budget, then having a single one with a bigger size is a great choice. For the top, you can choose the one with the same color whether it’s just a plain one or marble.

White Kitchen Ideas: Sleek Modern Design

White Kitchen Ideas 5

Who doesn’t love a modern decorating style? All the sleek furniture and kitchenware in this picture are somehow aesthetically pleasing. Double islands with different functions can be useful and functional for daily use.

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White Kitchen Ideas: Bright White Kitchen

White Kitchen Ideas 6

The combination of white, black, and warm elements on the same spot can create a beautiful overall look as long as you mix them well. To bring a modern vibe, add gold or silver accents around so it becomes more stylish.

White Kitchen Ideas: Breathtaking Contemporary Design

White Kitchen Ideas 7

You will never be disappointed to combine black and white to achieve a modern minimalist concept. The farmhouse-style chandeliers and two modern kitchen islands really blend well with each other.

White Kitchen Ideas: Lovely Rustic Look

White Kitchen Ideas 8

The minimalist design is still popular and this one with the combination of white and wood brings more elegance and breeziness. You can add some chairs or stools to create a cozier atmosphere around the island.

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White Kitchen Ideas: Stunning Petite Kitchen

White Kitchen Ideas 9

A small kitchen covered in white is the best option to make it feels bigger. Of course, providing extra storage is also important like floating shelves. The black concrete tile flooring adds a subtle accent to this area.

White Kitchen Ideas: Sleek U-Shape

White Kitchen Ideas 10

This sleek kitchen looks more stylish and wider with an all-white concept. Moreover, the wood elements and a washed rug bring a brighter feeling that is not too flashy nor colorful if you don’t like one.

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Pick the one that matches your style and start making your own white kitchen now!