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Mesmerizing Backyard Pool Ideas You Have to Steal

For you who love aquatic exercises, of course, having a swimming pool you can joyfully do that every time which will lead to a healthier lifestyle. A swimming pool is also a cozy spot to have some chilling time while soaking your body with all the family members and friends.

Adding a swimming pool is one of the best choices that you will never regret. A swimming pool could be a fun media to make your home feel cozier. It will also provide a very fun entertaining spot in your outdoor living space. That’s why it always becomes one of the most popular additions that many homeowners choose to improve their houses.

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To give you a closer look at how to build a swimming pool in a backyard, below we have prepared some backyard pool ideas just for you!

Best Backyard Pool Ideas

Backyard Pool Ideas: Simple Inground Pool

Backyard Pool Ideas: Simple Inground Pool

When it comes to designing a swimming pool, it depends on each homeowner’s personal preference. Though you have a large backyard, you might want to still have a small pool. This inground swimming pool makes the backyard feels cozier.

Backyard Pool Ideas: Cozy Backyard Pool

Backyard Pool Ideas: Cozy Backyard Pool

Though a rectangular swimming pool seems classic and outdated, this style is a common style that you can choose to build in a backyard. It doesn’t need to be big as long as you decorate it beautifully. Some decorations that you can use by placing furniture and a patio.

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Backyard Pool Ideas: Exhilarating Backyard Pool

Backyard Pool Ideas: Exhilarating Backyard Pool

When there is a gazebo in a backyard, complete it with a swimming pool on the side. Combining two cozy spots in the same place is a good idea to create a cozy and lively mood. You might want to try this idea to make your backyard looks more inviting.

Backyard Pool Ideas: Combine with Other Features

Backyard Pool Ideas: Combine with Other Features

If a simple swimming pool looks quite boring, add another water feature like simple fountains as complementary. This feature doesn’t only make the pool looks more attractive but also gives an extra focal point for the backyard itself.

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backyard pool ideas 5


backyard pool ideas 6


backyard pool ideas 7


backyard pool ideas 8

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Just keep scrolling down for more amazing backyard pool ideas that will amaze you!

backyard pool ideas 9


backyard pool ideas 10


backyard pool ideas 11


backyard pool ideas 12


backyard pool ideas 13


backyard pool ideas 14

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backyard pool ideas 15


backyard pool ideas 16


backyard pool ideas 17


backyard pool ideas 18

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Those are some backyard pool ideas that you can use as your reference. Even if you have a minimalist home with a small backyard, you don’t have to worry since there are a lot of swimming pools which are specifically designed to fit a narrow outdoor space. They look so admirable which is enough to provide a fun pool party with everyone in the summer.

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