Most homeowners have their pools either on the ground level or inside their houses. However, if your house doesn’t have enough space in the backyard, you can always have one in the rooftop. A rooftop pool can be a great choice for people who live in the city, apartments, and condominiums which have limited space.

Having a rooftop pool would certainly be nice because you can swim while enjoying the sky and the view from the top of your own home. You are literally nearer the vast blue sky in the morning and the glittering stars in the evening. This will bring you to a different level of relaxation!

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We’ve collected dozens of swimming pool rooftop ideas just for you and so you can use it as your ultimate reference when you’re planning to get a luxurious rooftop pool.

Best Swimming Pool Rooftop Ideas

Swimming Pool Rooftop Idea: Astonishing Pool

Swimming Pool Rooftop Idea: Astonishing Pool

This idea is a good example of how to optimize a rooftop area becomes more useful and captivating. A simple rectangular swimming pool gives a fresh look for an all-white marble rooftop area. The wooden material from the diving platform also blends well with the plants around. An astonishing view completes the calming vibe for your precious relaxing time.

Swimming Pool Rooftop Ideas: Elegant All-White

Swimming Pool Rooftop Ideas: Elegant All-White

This idea is suitable for people who want to get a simple pool that feels like a private relaxing spot. Instead of building it in the center of the rooftop area, you can try this idea by placing it in the corner and make it looks like a hidden place. You can also add a pergola to add a decorative touch and also to prevent sunlight exposure.

Swimming Pool Rooftop Ideas: Fascinating Pool

Swimming Pool Rooftop Ideas: Fascinating Pool

Another idea that you can try to give your rooftop magic and create another joyful spot. The combination of concrete as the base the pool and wood as the stairs looks quite simple and joyful. A simple pool is enough for you who like simplicity as long as you have extra privacy since you can avoid people’s eyes.

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swimming pool rooftop ideas 8

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Keep scrolling to see more beautiful rectangular swimming pool ideas!

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Those are some breathtaking rooftop swimming pool ideas that we’ve prepared just for you. By making a rooftop pool can be a great decision for you who want a new level of privacy since their elevated design let you enjoy your relaxing time and avoid people’s eyes.

Of course, you can still have a simple garden to complete the look of the pool and ake it looks more relaxing. A rooftop pool is one of the great ideas to optimize your rooftop space than letting it unused.

So, just pick your favorite swimming pool rooftop idea that suits your needs and start building your own luxurious penthouse concept in your rooftop now!