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Go Classic with These Rectangular Swimming Pool Ideas

It’s no wonder that many homeowners like to add a swimming pool as a part of their home decor because it offers a fun spot to do a lot of joyful aquatic activities. Even when they have a small backyard or space, they still want to have a swimming pool even a simple one.

There are various types of swimming pool shape that also helps them to get a different vibe and of the most used shape for a swimming pool is a rectangular shape. This shape particularly suits any home design and circumstance for both indoor and outdoor pool which suits any surface size since it’s rectangular.

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Below we have dozens of beautiful rectangular swimming pool ideas for your ultimate reference to build a classic rectangular swimming pool!

Best Rectangular Swimming Pool Ideas

Rectangular Swimming Pool Ideas: Slim Rectangular Pool

Rectangular Swimming Pool Ideas: Slim Rectangular Pool

Choosing a rectangular shape for a swimming pool doesn’t make it looks less attractive or less inviting because of a water feature itself is a big attraction. If you have a spacious backyard space, then you can make a slightly bigger pool to make the backyard looks more attractive.

Rectangular Swimming Pool Ideas: Sleek and Modern Pool

Rectangular Swimming Pool Ideas: Sleek and Modern Pool

To add more modern touch to the swimming pool, you can add a hot tub spa in the pool which will make it feels more inviting. For a cozy feeling, place a sitting area close to the pool so you can enjoy the fresh air and fresh atmosphere from the garden. If you like to add another water feature, combining it with a waterfall would be a great choice.

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Rectangular Swimming Pool Ideas: Emerald Green Base Pool

Rectangular Swimming Pool Ideas: Emerald Green Base Pool

One of the best ways to make an eye-catching swimming pool is choosing the right color of material to use for the base of the pool. Just like this idea, choosing emerald green tiles or any bright and vibrant color as the base will affect the reflection of the water, especially during the day. The emerald green looks bold compared to the white concrete patio but still complement the whole surrounding.

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rectangular swimming pool ideas 4


rectangular swimming pool ideas 5


rectangular swimming pool ideas 6


rectangular swimming pool ideas 7


rectangular swimming pool ideas 8

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Keep scrolling to see more beautiful rectangular swimming pool ideas!

rectangular swimming pool ideas 9


rectangular swimming pool ideas 10


rectangular swimming pool ideas 11


rectangular swimming pool ideas 12


rectangular swimming pool ideas 13


rectangular swimming pool ideas 14


rectangular swimming pool ideas 15

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rectangular swimming pool ideas 16


rectangular swimming pool ideas 17


rectangular swimming pool ideas 18


rectangular swimming pool ideas 19


rectangular swimming pool ideas 20

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So, those are some beautiful and inspiring rectangular swimming pool ideas that you might want to copy and use for building your own pool. This shape is a common shape that many people use because it suits any surface so you don’t need to worry about the size of the surface like other shapes.

If you have limited space, you can make a long rectangular shape that doesn’t consume all of the space. To add some beauty to the pool you can add some decoration items like lighting, plants, or using an outstanding material as the base.

Just pick a rectangular swimming pool idea that suits your taste, needs, and budget and start making your own rectangular swimming pool now!

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