As a swimming owner, you have to maintain the water by draining or vacuuming it regularly, especially if you think that the water is not good enough to swim or is foggy. This process is to make sure that the water is clean and ready to use in a healthy way because no one wants to soak their bodies in dirty surroundings.

Not only to maintain the water itself but also if you’re planning to replace the liner due to leaks or tears, balance the chemistry level of the water, change the water after winterizing, and other reasons that require you to empty the whole pool. Of course, vacuuming a swimming pool is something that you can do by yourself with simple tools so you don’t need to call a pro.

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How to Vacuum a Swimming Pool

Check Local Authority

How to Vacuum a Pool 1

Since the water contains some chemical products that may harm the environment, you have to make sure the correct way to dump it

  • Check your local authority to know the rules better on how to dispose of swimming pool water.
  • You may need to dump the water into sewage if you empty it completely.

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Start Vacuuming

How to Vacuum a Pool 2

Once you’re done confirming the rules of pool water disposal in your area, you can then move forward to the next step which is vacuuming or draining the water by using the siphoning way. In this step, you will only need a hose. The steps are:

  • Attach the garden hose to the faucet then fill it with water.
  • Submerse the other open end of the garden hose into the pool.
  • Once you see some air bubbles pop up from the pool water, remove the hose from the faucet quickly.
  • Lower the hose quickly on the ground and wait until the water is drained properly.

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Ensure to Vacuum Completely

How to Vacuum a Pool 3

The siphoning method may not drain the water from the pool completely. If you want to drain the remaining pool water, then you have to do some extra jobs. Some other ways that you can do to drain the water completely are by using a pump, vacuum, or bucket.

Of course, the most effective way that does not need a lot of elbow grease is using a pump or vacuum. You have to be willing enough to remove the water from your pool if you use buckets.

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So, those are three simple and quick guides on how to vacuum a swimming pool by yourself. By doing this, you can save more budget instead of hiring a pro. However, if you want to make sure everything is handled in a pro way, then you have no other choice than to call your trusted pool service.