A swimming pool is one of the popular water features that many homeowners choose to have in their houses. Coming in various sizes and shapes, it’s not only for those who love aquatic activities but also for people who want to improve their space look. However, in some cases, there will always be a hard time finding a nice ground to excavate. In this case, you have no other choice than to make it indoors.

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To inspire you, we have prepared some indoor swimming pool ideas to make you stunned. So, just keep reading!

Best Swimming Pool Indoor Ideas

Indoor Swimming Pool: Minimalist Indoor Pool

Indoor Swimming Pool Ideas 1

A regular rectangle swimming pool can be a very good choice if you like a simple swimming pool that is enough for your aquatic activity. Since it’s indoor, make sure to provide enough lighting quality to make it looks less suffocating.

Indoor Swimming Pool: Rustic Fixer Upper

Indoor Swimming Pool Ideas 2

This wooden fixer-upper gives a rustic and vintage feeling that will make the pool area looks more stunning. Unlike the previous idea, the side of this pool is not really wide but exchange it to install another water feature instead.

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Indoor Swimming Pool: Breathtaking Pool Setting

Indoor Swimming Pool Ideas 3

This indoor swimming pool is right next to the dining room which makes the ambiance feels cozier. Not to mention a cozy dining room with a casual dining set, by having a pool next to it, you will make everyone feel like they are at home.

Indoor Swimming Pool: Jaw-Dropping Back View

Indoor Swimming Pool Ideas 4

Use this open-plan concept if you want to enjoy your aquatic activity while looking at your backyard. Installing a wide glass window as a privacy and partition feature makes the area looks airier and wider.

Indoor Swimming Pool: Striking Natural Accents

Indoor Swimming Pool Ideas 5

This inspiration combines a stylish swimming pool and jacuzzi while also using warm earthy accents for the ceiling, walls, and floor. To give a more accent, black exposed beams then perfect the whole look.

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Indoor Swimming Pool: Relaxing Rustic Concept

Indoor Swimming Pool Ideas 6

For people who love a rustic concept, wood elements in the wall play a very important role to give both a relaxing and warm nuance. You can feel the beautiful Japanese onsen that is fully filled with wood.

Indoor Swimming Pool: Breathtaking Modern Look

Indoor Swimming Pool Ideas 7

A stylish and modern indoor pool will enhance the modernism of your modern house as well. To keep it well-illuminated, you can make an area with huge windows so it will look grander even more.

Indoor Swimming Pool: Minimalist Rectangular Pool

Indoor Swimming Pool Ideas 8

Although the pool shape itself is quite regular, the layout and the closed area are enough to make it looks cozy. Wood flooring is a perfect choice if you’re afraid that tiles can be slippery for your children.

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Indoor Swimming Pool: Marvelous Cave Style

Indoor Swimming Pool Ideas 9

Make the indoor swimming pool your own secret place with this cave-style idea. Dim lighting and an additional water feature can create a romantic yet refreshing area for your leisure time.

Indoor Swimming Pool: Private Resort Feel

Indoor Swimming Pool Ideas 10

The advantage of having an indoor swimming pool is that you can create your own dream design. Just like this one, you can get an indoor pool that gives a private resort with wall painting and lighting even if the pool is a regular shape.

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Just make sure to give enough lighting and ventilation features to make it looks brighter and less suffocating!