When it comes to a water feature, it’s still one of the common features that homeowners choose to decorate and freshen their houses. Whether it’s built indoors or outdoors, it will remain the best feature that decorates and gives a calming effect. One of the water features that many people choose is a swimming pool, which is one that is suitable for those who love active aquatic activities.

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If you’re planning to build a swimming pool, we have some swimming pool design ideas to share with you!

Best Swimming Pool Design Ideas

Swimming Pool Design Ideas: Stunning Big Pool

Swimming Pool Design Ideas 1

Having a big swimming pool is indeed a fun and joyful spot that will make everyone happy and excited. If there’s more space left, try adding a rocky waterfall to make the look becomes more eye-catching.

Swimming Pool Design Ideas: Simple Small Pool

Swimming Pool Design Ideas 2

Steal this idea right away to get a simple and elegant swimming pool with a cozy lounge. The plantations make the look becomes fresher while the all-white lounge adds more elegance to this spot.

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Swimming Pool Design Ideas: Stylish Protection Feature

Swimming Pool Design Ideas 3

For homeowners who have children, pets, or the elderly, it’s very important to prioritize their safety over everything. The basic thing that you can do is by installing a fence around the pool no matter the size of the pool itself.

Swimming Pool Design Ideas: Dreamy Resort Ambiance

Swimming Pool Design Ideas 4

Some people may prefer to get an extra one by decorating and styling it like a private resort. An inground swimming pool and wooden lounge with patio umbrellas become a perfect spot to enjoy the breezy summer.

Swimming Pool Design Ideas: Unique Round Pool

Swimming Pool Design Ideas 5

If a stock tank pool is not enough to satisfy your style, make a bigger style by using sturdier material like concrete. This type of pool is a fixed one because it will be difficult to move around, basically, it’s just like a standard pool.

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Swimming Pool Design Ideas: Simple Rectangle Pool

Swimming Pool Design Ideas 6

Not enough space to make a big pool? Don’t worry because just like this rectangle pool, it still gives a fun experience for your family and you.

Swimming Pool Design Ideas: Elegant Above-Ground Style

Swimming Pool Design Ideas 7

The simplest way to make your swimming pool becomes more attractive and inviting is by using an above-ground style. To make simple access, add some steps that can also become a decoration.

Swimming Pool Design Ideas: Inground Deck Pool

Swimming Pool Design Ideas 8

The swimming pool in this idea is quite simple and standard just like other inground rectangular ones. The one that makes it look more unique is the wooden deck that surrounds the pool.

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Swimming Pool Design Ideas: Fresh Tropical Vibe

Swimming Pool Design Ideas 9

Another minimalist rectangular swimming pool that freshens this outdoors with its blue water and greeneries. Moreover, the lounge deck on the side becomes the focal point that grabs our attention.

Swimming Pool Design Ideas: Minimalist Inground Pool

Swimming Pool Design Ideas 10

There’s nothing wrong with having a classic rectangular inground swimming pool because you can decorate its surroundings instead. One of the ways to make your pool area looks more decorative is to surround it with a hanging garden.

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Choose the best one that you love and start designing now!