A swimming pool is a great choice if you love aquatic activities or for chilling. A swimming pool is usually placed outdoors like a backyard so of course, a backyard with a swimming pool undoubtedly will become a very entertaining spot for everyone. However, if you have limited space, then building a small swimming pool is the right choice. If you have a spacious backyard but want to have a small pool, it works just fine as well.

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We have gathered some simple small swimming pool ideas just for you!

Best Small Swimming Pool Ideas

Small Swimming Pool Ideas: Simple Modern Pool

Small Swimming Pool Ideas 1

As this image shows, a small rectangular swimming pool with all-white surroundings become the oasis that makes the backyard looks more inviting. All of the sights in this backyard will definitely make everyone want to chill around it.

Small Swimming Pool Ideas: Stunning Unique Pool

Small Swimming Pool Ideas 2

Instead of making the swimming pool a complete outdoors, try to build it right on the deck or terrace and let the surroundings as they are. This idea gives a rustic and vintage overall look that makes it looks more elegant.

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Small Swimming Pool Ideas: Minimalist Decorative Fence

Small Swimming Pool Ideas 3

A fence can also be an outdoor feature to improve the look of your pool. A glass fence can be a great choice to decorate your pool and give it a modern look. Using a fence around a swimming pool is definitely useful for people who have children.

Small Swimming Pool Ideas: Simple Side Pool

Small Swimming Pool Ideas 4

Another idea that you can use is to make a swimming pool next to the bathroom. Instead of placing it in the backyard directly, this semi-hidden spot can be a good option to make it cozier. Complete the decor with dimmer lighting above.

Small Swimming Pool Ideas: Chic Small Design

Small Swimming Pool Ideas 5

Don’t let narrow space buries your dream to have a swimming pool. In this idea, you might not be able to swim freely but at least you have a spot for chilling and having fun with your family members. Just put some decorations to make it looks less empty.

Small Swimming Pool Ideas: Unique Additional Feature

Small Swimming Pool Ideas 6

Since the pool is small, you might want to add another additional water feature to make the pool looks more standout. This swimming pool with a waterfall is placed next to the bedroom which allows you to have a romantic yet cozy atmosphere.

Small Swimming Pool Ideas: Minimalist Square Pool

Small Swimming Pool Ideas 7

Less is more is probably the best phrase to describe this simple square pool. The combination of white gravel patio and concrete creates a monochromatic look that enhances minimalism.

Small Swimming Pool Ideas: Eye-Catching Pool

Small Swimming Pool Ideas 8

If you want to make the swimming pool the centerpiece of the backyard, this one is worth stealing. Greeneries decor, a brick patio, and an outdoor sitting area look perfect with each other and also go well with the pool in the center.

Small Swimming Pool Ideas: Cozy Outdoor Look

Small Swimming Pool Ideas 9

This swimming pool looks so dreamy with emerald green water and is surrounded by plantations. If you love to use the pool for chilling, add cozy chairs with a patio pergola instead of sunbathing chairs.

Small Swimming Pool Ideas: Inviting Backyard Pool

Small Swimming Pool Ideas 10

Who doesn’t like to look at this view when they feel tired and need to clear their mind? Again, even with a small area, you can still get a swimming pool with simple decor on the corner and a glass fence for extra protection.

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Just pick the best small swimming pool which really suits your taste then start building your own stylish pool now!