A swimming pool is a great choice if you love aquatic activities or just simply for chilling around and refresh your body from all fatigue. Yes, a swimming pool is usually placed outdoors like a backyard so of course, a backyard with a swimming pool undoubtedly will become a very entertaining spot for everyone.

However, if you have limited space, then building a small swimming pool is the right choice. If you have a spacious backyard but want to have a small pool, it works just fine as well. Just choose the one that fits your preference. The size of a swimming pool doesn’t matter because its main function is the key points.

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To help you out deciding on making a small swimming pool, we have gathered some simple small swimming pool ideas just for you!

Best Small Swimming Pool Ideas

Small Swimming Pool Ideas: Simple Modern Pool

Small Swimming Pool Ideas: Simple Modern Pool

If you have a modern home with a minimalist design, making a simple swimming pool can be a great choice. As this image shows, a small rectangular swimming pool becomes the oasis that can make the backyard looks fresher and more inviting. While an all-white and rustic concept surrounds it with a privacy screen. All of the sight in this backyard will definitely make everyone want to chill around it.

Small Swimming Pool Ideas: Stunning Unique Pool

Small Swimming Pool Ideas: Stunning Unique Pool

For those who want to have a swimming pool but have a small backyard, this idea might be helpful. Instead of making it in a complete outdoors, try to build it right on the deck or terrace and let the surroundings as they are. This idea gives a rustic and vintage overall look that makes it looks more elegant.

Small Swimming Pool Ideas: Minimalist Decorative Fence

Small Swimming Pool Ideas: Minimalist Decorative Fence

A fence is not only a feature to protect your outdoor areas like a backyard, front yard, and garden but also to improve the look of a pool. A glass fence can be a great choice to decorate your pool and give it a modern look. Using a fence around a swimming pool is definitely useful for people who have children.

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Small Swimming Pool Ideas 4


Small Swimming Pool Ideas 5


Small Swimming Pool Ideas 6


Small Swimming Pool Ideas 7


Small Swimming Pool Ideas 8

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If you are still looking for another idea, just keep scrolling down to see more alternative small swimming pool ideas!

Small Swimming Pool Ideas 9


Small Swimming Pool Ideas 10


Small Swimming Pool Ideas 11


Small Swimming Pool Ideas 12


Small Swimming Pool Ideas 13

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Small Swimming Pool Ideas 14


Small Swimming Pool Ideas 15


Small Swimming Pool Ideas 16


Small Swimming Pool Ideas 17


Small Swimming Pool Ideas 18

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Adding a swimming pool is always a good consideration that you can keep in mind since it has a lot of benefits. Besides beautifying the decor of your exterior area, it also can relax your body and mind no matter the size of the pool itself.

Just pick the best small swimming pool which really suits taste then start building your own stylish pool now!