Adding another water feature in an existing one will surely a great addition because it gives you an exhilarating view, especially if you build it in an outdoor space. The example of this double excitement is by combining a swimming pool and waterfall at the same place. A simple swimming pool itself is enough to make everyone feels invited and calm from the sound.

To enhance the view, even more, consider adding a waterfall feature in any size or design that suits your taste and needs. For example, you can add some small waterfalls in each side or make a bigger one and build it in the corner or anywhere that is really visible for people to spot. A waterfall doesn’t only work as a water feature but also an astonishing natural decoration that works well with the swimming pool.

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Below we’ve compiled some inspiring and beautiful swimming pool with waterfall ideas just for you!

Best Swimming Pool Waterfall Ideas

Swimming Pool Waterfall Ideas: Show It Off

Swimming Pool Waterfall Ideas: Show It Off

If you want to make an extraordinary waterfall, then you need to show it off so everyone can see it clearly. Well, the purpose is to make people feel invited even by just looking at it. The waterfall is coming out from the pergola that is also a part of the decoration. Both the pergola and waterfall are definitely a good combination for your backyard.

Swimming Pool Waterfall Ideas: Build An Extraordinary One

Swimming Pool Waterfall Ideas: Build An Extraordinary One

Show your interest or personality by choosing the right waterfall style that shows your taste. This idea looks really mesmerizing by making it in an extraordinary design. Instead of building a new spot for it, use an existing building, in this case, a gazebo can be the perfect media to create a waterfall. Find more ideas from

Swimming Pool Waterfall Ideas: Waterfall Privacy

Swimming Pool Waterfall Ideas: Waterfall Privacy

This idea is a good example that shows you that the waterfall doesn’t only work as the water feature but also become a privacy screen for the gazebo. Instead of using high water pressure, use a light one and make the water streams fall vertically. It can be a good spot for you to stay relax and calm because the water sound will most likely heal your stress and fatigue.

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swimming pool waterfall ideas 4


swimming pool waterfall ideas 5


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swimming pool waterfall ideas 8

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Keep scrolling for more amazing swimming pool with waterfall ideas!

swimming pool waterfall ideas 9


swimming pool waterfall ideas 10


swimming pool waterfall ideas 11


swimming pool waterfall ideas 12


swimming pool waterfall ideas 13

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Those are some inspiring swimming pool waterfall ideas that you can steal if you’re planning to make your outdoor space looks more exciting. You can add a waterfall in any size or style based on your taste, needs, and the size of the space you will build it in.

It’s time for you to make a good move and decorating your swimming pool with another water feature. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your tools and start building your own waterfall now!