Designing a bedroom for kids is always fun and exciting because it’s their personal space and also a playground. As a parent, every homeowner will take consideration to think about a bedroom style based on their child’s preference.

For example, a boy and girl will surely have a different style of bedroom they’re dreaming of. A bedroom for girls is usually full of various style of ornaments, cute furniture, girly colors, and princess-related decorations. On the contrary, a bedroom for boys is full of something that is related to cars, motorcycles, or interactive decorations like wall climbing or pull-off bars.

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Below we have collected dozens of bedroom ideas to make your kids’ bedroom become more fun!

Best Kids Bedroom Ideas

Kids Bedroom Ideas: Colorful Spot

Kids Bedroom Ideas: Colorful Spot

If you dedicate a bigger room to use it as a bedroom and playroom for your child, this can be a good idea. Instead of using wallpaper, apply a large board so your children can write and draw anything they want. Of course, if it’s too hassle to clean, just use wallpaper with a character or topic that your kids are interested in.

Kids Bedroom Ideas: Breathtaking Castle

Kids Bedroom Ideas: Breathtaking Castle

Both boys and girls will definitely have their own imagination about being a prince and princess. Try to build their own castle inside the bedroom. For the upper part, it can be a playing or reading spot and the lower part is for a bed or vice versa.

Kids Bedroom Ideas: Low Bunk Bed

Kids Bedroom Ideas: Low Bunk Bed

Making a bunk bed can be another option if you have a small bedroom for your children but still want to make it fun. The point here is making it as low as possible so you don’t want to use a bed frame for the lower part. As for the ladder, don’t make it too high so they don’t need to climb more than four steps.

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There are some points that you would like to consider before decorating your kid’s bedroom. First, don’t use furniture that is too big because it can be very dangerous especially if your children are in the age of being active. As a solution, install a built-in cabinet or shelves in a slightly higher place so your children won’t be able to climb over it.

Second, make sure to use furniture, decor items or toys with pointy corners and only use soft and fluffy things. If you want to build a loft or bunk bed, make sure to measure the height that is not too high. Last but not least, it would be better if you include bright and vibrant colors and interactive spot to stimulate their touch and sight senses.

It’s time for you to create a fun and joyful atmosphere for your kid’s bedroom now!