Who doesn’t want to have a comfortable personal spot to spend their spare time? A bedroom is one of the best spots to enjoy your free time while reading your favorite book, watching TV series or simply zoning out. For some homeowners, a bedroom is everything so they want to make it as their playground. Otherwise, for some others, no matter they prefer to design and decorate it as simple as possible.

Of course, it’s alright to have a simple bedroom because it’s not a big deal. As long as you feel relaxed after, then that’s what matters. You can make it really minimalist with a simple bed frame and less bulky furniture because it won’t reduce the purpose of the bed itself.

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To give a closer detail on how to decorate a simple bedroom, we have collected some simple bedroom ideas below!

Best Simple Bedroom Ideas

Simple Bedroom Ideas: Simple Small Room

Simple Bedroom Ideas: Simple Small Room

Yes, a simple or minimalist style is suitable for people with limited space. Having a simple bedroom can have an extra benefit for you because it’s clutter and hassle-free so you don’t have big stress to clean it up. As shown in this idea, there is just a bed, petite side table, and simple pendants. It’s okay to put a small drawer cabinet inside if it’s needed to put some necessities.

Simple Bedroom Ideas: Relaxing Earthy Room

Simple Bedroom Ideas: Relaxing Earthy Room

The simpler the better really suits this idea. Even by just looking at it, it looks relaxing and calming. Choosing earthy elements and neutral shades like wood, white, brown, and beige as the main colors are great choices to create an airy and calming effect.

Simple Bedroom Ideas: Elegant Gray Bedroom

Simple Bedroom Ideas: Elegant Gray Bedroom

Choose gray as an optional color to create a minimalist look for a bedroom if white is too mainstream or plain. To give a modern vibe but still make it looks minimalist, using a simple and plain seating area or a simple chair on the side.

Simple Bedroom Ideas: Clutter-Free Bedroom

Simple Bedroom Ideas: Clutter-Free Bedroom

Instead of using a bulky bed frame, use a wooden pallet to make a rustic farmhouse look. It also helps to get a cozy feeling with its low to the ground effect. For a more minimalist finished look, use neutral colors as the base.

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Just keep scrolling for more minimalist and simple bedroom ideas!

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It’s understandable that there are people who love a simple bedroom because it won’t consume their time just to clean up one spot. Of course, people have their own reason on why choosing a simple bedroom, for example, limited space, hassle-free, save more budget or simply because they love minimalist style.

Making a simple bedroom is a good choice if you are not the type of person who needs a stylish design as long as you get the bed’s main function. No worries, just pick your favorite simple bedroom idea and make your own simple space now!