Decorating a bedroom will always be a fun activity, especially for your own bedroom. There are various reasons why homeowners want to decorate their bedrooms. Some people want to have a decorative bedroom and make it look more lively. For some others, it’s just simply because they want to fill in the wall with something they love. Of course, again, it depends on each personal preference.

As you may have known that string lights are one of the decorative items that are very common to decorate a bedroom. Using them in any room will give that dreamy, romantic, and Tumblr-like feed. This decor item is used by many people because it’s easy to find and also affordable.

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How to Install String Light On a Bedroom Ceiling

Before installing them to the bedroom ceiling, you would want to prepare some tools and supplies below and use the one that fits your bedroom condition:

  • Hammer
  • Screw
  • Screwdriver
  • Adhesive hooks
  • Extension cord

Measure Bedroom Size

You will have to know the size of your bedroom because you will need this to prepare the length of the string lights. There are plenty of string lights of various sizes and lengths but you have to make sure that it fits the bedroom’s size perfectly.

It’s also useful information to know every detail of the room like the distance and position of the power outlet. By knowing this detail, you can make a prediction about whether you need an extension cord or not. It’s because this will also affect the other supplies that you need.

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Your Favorite Style

This might be a simple step but planning the shape or installation style can affect the overall finish of the bedroom view. The classic and common way to hang the string lights is by hanging them on the ceiling, canopy, zig-zag, or just simply a drape shape.

Get the Lights Ready

Once you know your bedroom size, you’re ready to hang the lights. In this phase, you would want to install it next to the nearest power outlet so it’s easy to plug it in.

  • Once you know the shape, try to make an outline first by using a marker or pen.
  • If you don’t want to leave damage to your wall or ceiling, instead of using screws, use adhesive hooks or clips as a post.
  • Make sure that you place the post at an even distance.
  • After the lights are installed perfectly but there are still some parts left, you can wrap it so it looks neater instead of hanging it on the wall.

Add Decor Items

Another way to make the finished look becomes more attractive, you can add other decor items like your favorite photos, pictures, or even other string lights in a different size or color.

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Voila! Now you have a dreamy bedroom with a Tumblr feel that will lighten up your mood and create an aesthetically pleasing ambiance. Happy decorating!