Some people may think that a bedroom has to be in a bright or colorful atmosphere because it will affect their mood. Yes, that’s correct because each color has its own effect that will also affect the homeowner’s mood. However, not many people want to use a dark shade because some others may think that it will only make the ambiance becomes gloomy and suffocated.

In fact, a darker color can be a good thing to help you get better sleep quality and calm your stress. Well, for people who have Nyctophobia or fear of the dark, using a dark shade can be very stressful. For an alternative, you can use a dark shade only in a certain spot as a pattern or accent. To make it looks balanced and less dark, combine it with lighter or brighter colors.

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Best Dark Bedroom Ideas

Dark Bedroom Ideas: Jaw-Dropping Industrial Bedroom

Dark Bedroom Ideas: Jaw-Dropping Industrial Bedroom

The industrial concept is one of the modern interior designs that look incredibly captivating. The combination of raw and uncovered materials with basic colors like black, gray, and white create a dazzling view. An important point that you have to take note of is the amount of lighting since the room is dark. Other than a bright curtain or indoor plants, a transparent ceiling might also help to brighten up the room.

Dark Bedroom Ideas: Matte All Black

Dark Bedroom Ideas: Matte All Black

For those who have a dedicated room with a big and large window, you can use it for a bedroom. On the day, you can use natural lighting to shine the inside. Meanwhile, for the night, you might need extra help from a lighting feature like a lamp, chandelier or sconce. Add an area rug with a lighter shade to help brighten the room.

Dark Bedroom Ideas: Navy and Pink

Dark Bedroom Ideas: Navy and Pink

If combining a dark color with white is too classic, then why not trying a new bright and lovely shade like pink. Pastel or blush pink is a soft and lovely color that you can use to pair with a dark one. This can be either for the curtain, bed frame, decor items or a rug. Another color that you can use to create an elegant look is gold. Gold is an elegant color that will make your bedroom looks stunning.

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Dark Bedroom Ideas: Black and Floral

Dark Bedroom Ideas: Black and Floral

Those who love an all-black concept, you might want to lighten up the room with the bedding and flooring. If most of the room is black, which means that it covers almost the whole room, you would need the same amount of space for the brighter color. In this case, choosing the floor area is a great decision since it’s large. You can cover it either with a rug, tiles or wood in bright-colored materials.

Dark Bedroom Ideas: Stylish Vintage Look

Dark Bedroom Ideas: Stylish Vintage Look

For you who love a vintage style but want to make it looks more modern or stylish, you might want to use a dark color. On the contrary, these two concepts can complete each other because the vintage look and color can tone down the boldness of black. For a brighter effect, add a bright rug, bedding or decor items. Another thing that you can add inside is potted or hanging plants for a fresher look.

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Just keep on scrolling down to find more bold and stylish dark bedroom ideas for your personal space.

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Those are some dark bedroom ideas that you can use for your reference if you are planning to create a dark bedroom. Using dark colors for a bedroom may not everyone’s cup of tea because some people may feel suffocated by dark surroundings. Yes, a dark shade can help to make a good quality of sleep because but again, it depends on your taste and needs.

It’s okay if you want to get a dark color in a certain spot only instead of the whole room. It also doesn’t have to be black because you can use other dark colors like the shade of gray, navy, green, and others. We hope that our recommendations can inspire you to get one for your own loved bedroom.