Have you ever heard about the Bohemian or boho design? It’s one of the modern styles that have some bold characteristics like big patterns, vibrant colors, and bold decor items. Well, it may not everyone’s cup of tea because, for people who love a neat and relaxing vibe, the bold colors might feel too bright.

Otherwise, those who love hippie and gypsy style, this concept is definitely for them. Creating a boho style is quite easy because you would only need some layers of patterned fabric, vibrant colors, and unique decor items. Of course, you can always use various things as decorations like tapestry, bed sheet or others.

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Below we have compiled dozens of boho bedroom ideas that you might want to try in your own bedroom!

Best Boho Bedroom Ideas

Boho Bedroom Ideas: Colorful Items

Boho Bedroom Ideas: Colorful Items

Instead of filling up the room with all the colorful and patterned items, just use some fora certain spot. To make it looks brighter, use white color as the basis of colorful patterns and make it as wall decor. Another wall decoration that you can use is pottery or anything with patterns and bold colors.

Boho Bedroom Ideas: Simple Boho

Boho Bedroom Ideas: Simple Boho

The simplest way to achieve a boho concept is by using a bed cover or sheet with a bold pattern and of course, vibrant color. To tone down the pattern and color, use a neutral or bright color like white that can make the room looks brighter. This idea looks quite simple and suitable for people who don’t want a too bright bedroom.

Boho Bedroom Ideas: Raw but Stunning

Boho Bedroom Ideas: Raw but Stunning

Another way to tone down the colorful boho style is by the natural wall. In this idea, you can see that the raw concrete wall looks so naturally stunning. As for the boho style, use a simple bed cover with a pattern. Though the concrete wall has a texture, it doesn’t make the room looks more ‘loud’.

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For more beautiful and colorful boho bedroom ideas, just keep scrolling down to keep you amazed!

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Boho style is one of the modern interior designs that you might want to add to your wish list. It’s a great concept to make your bedroom looks more colorful and playful. For people who love a colorful vibe, this concept is right for them. Of course, you don’t have to fill in the whole room with vibrant color if you feel it’s too ‘loud’.

We hope the ideas that we have prepared can help you to find the best boho style that suits your taste. Pick the best concept, grab your tools, and start decorating your own bedroom in boho style now!