When it comes to a living room, we’re sure that every homeowner wants to make it as comfortable as possible since it’s a place to gather around. Of course, choosing the fittest furniture, paint color, and decorations are basic things. Another decor feature that you can consider using is a rug which is very familiar to use in any room.

A rug can enhance the ambiance of the room but can also distract the overall look if you choose the wrong one. In this case, the wrong one means the one with the wrong size, placement, furniture arrangement, and other points.

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There are a few points below that you can use as a reference when choosing a rug.

How to Pick the Right Rug for Living Room


How to Pick the Right Rug for Living Room 1

This is the basic thing that you have to do before purchasing a rug. Just like furniture, choosing the right rug size is important to make it looks balanced.

  • Ideally, there should be the same amount of space on all sides of the rug. It’s usually between 8 to 24 inches on all sides.
  • As a reference, 18 inches can be used for most of the common space.
  • For a smaller area, you can use as little as 8 inches and make sure that it doesn’t block the hall or pathway.
  • In this step, you can at least have an estimated layout of how and where to arrange the furniture.


How to Pick the Right Rug for Living Room 2

As you may have known a rug can be the centerpiece of a living room since it unites the furniture altogether. Please make sure that it’s not too small or too big because it will only make your living room looks unbalanced.

  • If it’s too small, it will make your furniture look floating, and probably you don’t need a rug at all.
  • On the contrary, if it’s too big, you might as well use a room-size carpet to cover the whole area.

Just because you want to make it the centerpiece doesn’t mean that you need a huge one.

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How to Pick the Right Rug for Living Room 3

Having a small living room is not a reason to exclude a rug from making the room looks more attractive.

  • You can still use a rug but please ensure that at least the front legs of your sofa are on the rug, so the rug itself is beneath the furniture.
  • Especially if you choose the pattern or shade that matches the furniture, it might hide the size of the rug.


How to Pick the Right Rug for Living Room 4

Well, you don’t have to put stress on yourself just over a rug.

  • Do a few experiments with your living room size, rug, and other pieces of furniture to find the best layout and arrangement.
  • If you have a small living room, it can be quite easy to arrange but if you have a bigger room, please note that you should at least put the front leg of the furniture on the rug.

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Adding a rug to a living room can be good addition but if you choose the wrong one, it might be better not to use it at all. So, are you ready to add a new rug to your living room?