There are various ways to make a bright living room because you want to make your family members and friends feel comfortables. Bright in this context doesn’t apply only on the paint color but also from decor items, furniture, and lighting.

Of course, the paint color has a very important role to create a certain atmosphere but decor items also have a big role as a complementary accent. For example, using decor items with vibrant colors can help to brighten up the room atmosphere but if it’s not arranged in balance, it will only make the living room looks more stuffy.

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For your reference to get a cooler living room, we have prepared dozens of bright living room ideas just for you below!

Best Bright Living Room Ideas

Bright Living Room Ideas: Playful Vibrant Colors

Bright Living Room Ideas: Playful Vibrant Colors

Use some decor items with vibrant colors like emerald green, yellow mustard or other bright colors. To complete the bright concept, add a bright color patterned rug. If decor items make the room looks too crowded, make it balance with some indoor plants.

Bright Living Room Ideas: Earthy Bright Room

Bright Living Room Ideas: Earthy Bright Room

Creating a bright living room doesn’t always have to use vibrant colors or decor items. The key is how to combine paint color and lighting to create a brighter look. Though this room contains only neutral and earthy colors, it still looks bright. White, beige, brown, orange and yellow accent blend well with each other. It looks bright yet calming and warm thanks to its soft colors.

Bright Living Room Ideas: Stylishly Bright

Bright Living Room Ideas: Stylishly Bright

It’s okay to put a bold or dark color accent in a living room but still pull off the bright side. Dark walls on both sides of the TV and navy sofa don’t make the room looks dark because the white color is still dominating. Moreover, an earthy flooring, light gray chair with ottoman and beige rug tone down the dark accent.

Bright Living Room Ideas: Airy Scandinavian Look

Bright Living Room Ideas: Airy Scandinavian Look

Scandinavian interior style is famous for its simplicity as the foundation and uses neutral colors to keep it looks warm and bright. Choosing neutral colors like white, beige, cream, and brown is the best choice. To enhance the bright effect, there’s nothing more helpful than free sunlight so installing a wide glass window for a living room can be a great help.

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As a place where family members and friends gather around, you don’t want to make them feel stuffy. One of the points that have an important role in making an airy room is choosing the right color. If you feel that your living room looks stuffy, you might want to consider to change your living room look with one of these bright living room ideas!