Nowadays, many homeowners want to have a modern house that follows the latest and up-to-date design. For some people, choosing an interior concept may difficult because of some aspects that can’t be changed easily like the size of space, taste, needs, budget, and others.

On of the modern concepts which can make a room looks stylish and modern is the bohemian style. You can choose this concept if you like vibrant color, textures, patterns, and other eye-catching decor items. This concept also lets you put some layers of textured fabrics to make them looks cozier.

Another way to create a bohemian concept is by adding a mandala tapestry with a vibrant color or other fabrics. To give you a closer look about a bohemian look, we’ve collected tons of bohemian living room ideas below juts for you.

Best Bohemian Living Room Ideas

Bohemian Living Room Ideas: Add Obvious Wall Decor Items

Bohemian Living Room Ideas: Add Obvious Wall Decor Items

It’s okay if you don’t like to use bohemian concept for the whole room because some people may think that it looks too ‘loud’. Instead, you can use it only for a particular part or spot by choosing an eye-catching decor item. It can be eye-catching either from the color, shape, material or size and put it in an obvious place where people can spot it right away.

Bohemian Living Room Ideas: Combine Texture and Pattern

Bohemian Living Room Ideas: Combine Texture and Pattern

Just like mentioned above, textures and patterns are the key points of this concept. A Moroccan rug, patterned pillow covers, and textured wall decor items in this picture can be your reference to complete the bohemian concept. If you don’t like vibrant color, then you can choose using earthy or other dark colors as long as it has pattern or texture.

Bohemian Living Room Ideas: Give a Focal Point

Bohemian Living Room Ideas: Give a Focal Point

If you don’t like using some small things to apply a bohemian concept on, then you can try this idea by using a patterned rug in a bright color so you don’t need to put other decor items. Well, if you want, you can still use for some cushion and keep other items in a plain color.

Bohemian Living Room Ideas: Combine Some Concept

Bohemian Living Room Ideas: Combine Some Concept

Combining a contradicting concept is a great idea to make your living room looks balanced and more beautiful. The patterned rug gives color to the room and the wooden material from the table, beige from the sofa, greeneries, and wooden flooring make it looks softer and warmer. Again, you can always combine it with other neutral colors to tone down the bright and vibrant colors.

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Choosing a bohemian concept to apply in a living room is a great decision if you love a colorful look instead of neutral or minimalist color. It’s also quite easy to decorate a room with this concept because you can simply use various colorful layers and patterned rug as an additional item.

Now pick your favorite bohemian concept that suits your taste, explore it, and start decorating your living room becomes more stylish with this bohemian style!