Choosing a paint color depends on each homeowner’s personal preference and taste. No matter what interior color is currently trending, it doesn’t matter if the homeowners don’t like it. Although wallpaper is quite popular because it gives an instant result with various patterns, some people may still prefer using regular paint. Especially when it comes to a living room, most people want to make it looks and feels bright.

As a spot where people gather around in, a living room has to make people feel comfortable. Therefore, choosing a paint color can be sometimes tricky. If you want to create a simple and minimalist effect, neutral colors like white, beige, ivory or taupe can be a great choice. It’s because neutral colors go well with other colors and decor items.

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To give you some reference for beautiful living room paint color ideas, we’ve prepared some below that you can use as your ultimate reference!

Best Living Room Paint Ideas

Living Room Paint Ideas: Calming Living Room

Living Room Paint Ideas: Calming Living Room

This living room looks really calming thanks to a great combination of white, gray, blue accent, and a wood element. Light blue and light gray create such a great finished look to the room which also makes it looks elegant. A simple gray sofa and cushions enhance the simplicity of the room. To make it looks brighter, add some wall decor items and white bookshelves on the side.

Living Room Paint Ideas: Soft Pastel Green

Living Room Paint Ideas: Soft Pastel Green

This celadon green or pale greyish shade of green makes the living room looks fresh and relaxing. Just like shown in this idea that the paint doesn’t need to be used in the whole room but only on aa certain spot. In this way, you can enhance the seating spot even more. To give another warm color, add brown whether it’s from paint, furniture or decor items.

Living Room Paint Ideas: Combine with Texture

Living Room Paint Ideas: Combine with Texture

For those who love textures, this reference is a great example. This pale green living room looks stunning with the combination of floral-patterned wallpaper on the side and another patterned shade on other sides. To balance the color, add some neutral colors like a white table, chandelier, pendant or other decor items.

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So, those are some amazing living room paint ideas that you can use as a reference. You don’t have to use a single color to colorize the whole room if you don’t like it. Instead, you can use a two-tone style by combining two different colors that contrast each other or the same pastel shade with a different color base. Another option is by colorizing a certain spot to make it looks pop-out and eye-catching.

Now just pick your favorite paint color that suits your taste and start recoloring your living room to become more lively!