Neutral colors like beige, cream, ivory, white, grey, brown, and natural wood are usually called earthy shades as well. These color schemes are usually perfect to use in any room to create a warm, relaxing, and calming effect. Moreover, these are also the best shades that match very well with many colors, textures, and patterns. The overall finish of these shades will never disappoint you to create an elegant look.

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To inspire you, we’ve collected some best neutral living room ideas that you can copy immediately!

Best Neutral Living Room Ideas

Neutral Living Room: Modern Farmhouse

Neutral Living Room Ideas 1

This farmhouse living room looks more spacious and brighter with an all-white concept from furniture to the surroundings. Adding a washed blue rug as an accent is good to make it looks less plain.

Neutral Living Room: Minimalist Light Gray

Neutral Living Room Ideas 2

Light gray is a good optional color to use to create an elegant overall finish other than white. An L-shaped sectional sofa in light gray with a textured rug mix well with each other. It’s a good example to mix plain and textured materials.

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Neutral Living Room: Simple Open Plan

Neutral Living Room Ideas 3

An open plan concept is definitely a great concept to copy for people who want to bring a wider illusion. Moreover, the white shade dominates the whole room that also looks good with an elegant pattern rug.

Neutral Living Room: Fresh Tropical Vibe

Neutral Living Room Ideas 4

This living room is filled with beige, brown, and white which creates a striking combination. To add a fresh touch, add some plants on each corner. A rug with the same shade will enhance the warm look more.

Neutral Living Room: Striking Contemporary

Neutral Living Room Ideas 5

The combination of ivory, gray, beige, and white is a perfect choice to make an elegant living room. This room is so cozy, especially with natural lights that brighten up the whole area.

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Neutral Living Room: Stunning Minimalist Style

Neutral Living Room Ideas 6

Another living room that will make everyone feels comfortable with a simple furniture arrangement. This idea is also suitable for you who want to have simple furniture by changing a regular table to a big pouf or ottoman.

Neutral Living Room: Bold Masculine Decor

Neutral Living Room Ideas 7

For people who love a bold color combination, this idea can be a good inspiration. A velvety sofa brings a good overall finish that can also be balanced with a textured or patterned farmhouse rug.

Neutral Living Room: Elegant Monochromatic Concept

Neutral Living Room Ideas 8

A monochromatic style will never get old so that’s why many people still use it for creating a minimalist look. The mix of various neutral shades with some textures and patterns becomes the focal point that really stands out.

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Neutral Living Room: Stunning Simple Decor

Neutral Living Room Ideas 9

The simpler a living room, the easier to decor that can make it looks more eye-catching. A gray sofa with a patterned farmhouse rug matches so well with each other and creates a good balance.

Neutral Living Room: Fresh Coastal Concept

Neutral Living Room Ideas 10

In this idea, instead of using a single wide window, you can make multiple windows. A beige sectional sofa with some blue accents blends really well and creates a fresh atmosphere.

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Pick the best neutral living room idea that you love and redecorate yours now!