Not only the design but color will also affect your room. That’s why many people take extra care when it comes to choosing the right color for their bedroom. One of the colors that we would like to recommend you is blue, well, it also includes any shade of it. There are various blue shades that you can choose for a different vibe like navy, ocean, light, sky, sapphire, teal, and others.

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We have compiled tons of blue bedroom ideas just for you below that you can use as your ultimate reference. We hope that these inspirations can help you to find the one that suits your taste.

Best Bedroom Blue Ideas

Bedroom Blue Ideas: Stylish Navy Bedroom

Bedroom Blue Ideas: Stylish Navy Bedroom

As you may have known that the navy is one of the dark colors that create a stylish look to a room. Of course, it may look too dark for some people, therefore, you need a brighter shade to make it looks balance. While the navy wall and bedding look bold with navy, combine it with gray, white or wood elements to brighten them up.

Bedroom Blue Ideas: The Great Combination

Bedroom Blue Ideas: The Great Combination

Having enough lighting is the best way to brighten up the look of a dark room or you can also choose a lighter navy shade. The wooden bed frame, white bedding, and white rug blend well with each other. Another way to make the room looks brighter is by placing bright decor items like a standing or desk lamp and painting.

Bedroom Blue Ideas: Fresh Light Blue

Bedroom Blue Ideas: Fresh Light Blue

The cottage or beachy concept that is filled with light or ocean blue shade looks definitely fresh and relaxing. The beautiful light blue is covering the room from the wall, bedding, rug, and curtain. The combination of plain color with bold texture makes the room looks less boring and feel s  more attractive.

Bedroom Blue Ideas: Calming Beachy Room

Bedroom Blue Ideas: Calming Beachy Room

It looks somehow easy to achieve this concept because you just need to use blue shade and ocean-related items. Just like this idea, as you can see that the mirror frame is made of shell which gives enough the ocean feel.  Another point is the ceiling candle holder with a vintage feeling that completes the concept.

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Just keep scrolling down for more stylish blue bedroom ideas that will keep you amazed!

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Blue and its other shades are great choices for people who love to create a vibe from fresh to elegant. Try looking around your room and if you think that it looks boring, you might want to start making over your bedroom with blue color now!