Well, when we talk about a small house means that we have to think about a lot of things. We have to fit everything in and still make our dream house come true. Other rooms might not need a lot of stuff but a bedroom has to be comfortable because it’s where you will spend your rest time daily. Just because you have a small bedroom doesn’t mean you have to let your comfort become number two.

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To inspire you, we’ve prepared small bedroom ideas that might help you to choose the best one.

Best Small Bedroom Ideas

Small Bedroom Ideas: Creative Loft Bedroom

Small Bedroom Ideas 1

If you want to keep some stuff but still manage to keep the bedroom neat and clean, a loft bed can be a good solution. Just like this image, the upper part is for the bed while the lower space can be used as storage.

Small Bedroom Ideas: Minimalist Narrow Space

Small Bedroom Ideas 2

When it comes to a bedroom as long as there’s a bed then it’s no problem. For those who want to close the window, you might want to use this layout with some functional furniture like a woven basket and floating shelves.

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Small Bedroom Ideas: Cool All-White Look

Small Bedroom Ideas 3

There’s nothing wrong with using an all-white to keep your bedroom keeps bright. To fill in the cool ambiance, bring some accents and patterns whether for the rug, bedding, and wall decor.

Small Bedroom Ideas: Fun Attic Concept

Small Bedroom Ideas 4

An attic bedroom usually has a small space so this image is a great idea to keep the room filled. As for the bed, make a separate wood deck that also works as shelves and a studying/working desk

Small Bedroom Ideas: Sleek Small Bedroom

Small Bedroom Ideas 5

There are some ways to make your small bedroom looks more decorative and one of them is by adding an accent like this exposed brick wall. You can still use a side table and vanity shelf for extra storage.

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Small Bedroom Ideas: Fresh Natural Decor

Small Bedroom Ideas 6

Bringing indoor plants is not only for better air quality but also for aesthetic purposes. The white domination and patterned rug bring more dimension to the room.

Small Bedroom Ideas: Classy White Bedroom

Small Bedroom Ideas 7

If a loft bed is not your style, then this idea worth trying by dividing the room into two areas. One side is for the bedroom and the other one is for a walking closet or a makeup corner.

Small Bedroom Ideas: Decorative with Patterns

Small Bedroom Ideas 8

It’s definitely alright to include patterns or accents in a small bedroom because, on the other hand, it can be a great point to bring more dimensions and makes the room looks less boring.

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Small Bedroom Ideas: Striking Bold Tones

Small Bedroom Ideas 9

Your bedroom is your personal area so it doesn’t matter if you want to make dominate the whole room in black and white. One thing to ensure is that you get enough lighting to make it looks brighter.

Small Bedroom Ideas: Elegant Loft Decor

Small Bedroom Ideas 10

Here is another loft bed style that combines a bedroom with a minimalist walking closet. Again, the upper area is for a simple bed while the lower space is for a walking closet that stores clothes and footwear.

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Now you just have to design your own dream bedroom and make it come true!