The backyard is like the oasis in the house to make your outdoor space feels cozier with some improvements and one of them is by adding a patio. You may have known that a patio is a multifunctional outdoor feature that you can use for a sitting area, dining area, or other spots for chilling. When it comes to the outdoor area, you might want to give extra privacy to avoid unwanted sights from the outside.

To decide what kind of privacy features fit your needs, you just have to make sure how private your patio looks. If you want to limit the sight completely, a privacy fence is the best choice. Meanwhile, if you want a subtle feature, a privacy screen is a good option. For you who like something that looks more casual and decorative, a patio decorated with drop cloths is the right one.

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Yes, you’re right, drop cloths are materials that we often use to layer on something to prevent spills and dirt like when we paint or stain furniture. You can definitely use this material to decorate your patio and make it look more decorative.

Tools and Supplies to Prepare

  • Gloves
  • Drop cloths
  • Rod/hooks/nails
  • Tape measure
  • Heavy washers (or anything to weigh the cloth)
  • Spray paint (optional)

Once all materials are ready, it’s time to execute them so get ready with some tools!

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How to Decorate Patio with Drop Cloths 1

The first thing to do is measure the size of your patio to get the right roll of drop cloths to use.

  • Take measure of the patio length from one post to another
  • Once you get the size, you can then decide the size of the drop cloths


How to Decorate Patio with Drop Cloths 2

Once you purchase the drop cloths, it’s time to cut them to the right size.

  • Cut the drop cloths into the size that suits your patio (based on the measured size).
  • You might also need to make some hems, especially the ones to hold the heavy washers and to hang the drop cloths.

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How to Decorate Patio with Drop Cloths 3

This step is optional if you want to make the cover looks more decorative and colorful.

  • By using spray paint, give color to each side of the curtain and let it dry.
  • Once it dries, apply the second coat to make sure that the color is more vibrant and visible.


How to Decorate Patio with Drop Cloths 4

If you’re planning to do the third step, please wait until the paint is dry. Once it’s dry, you can just simply hang the curtain on the patio.

  • If your patio doesn’t have a post to hang the curtain, you will have to make a rod as a support or base.
  • If your patio has a pergola, you can just simply hang the curtain by using hooks, and nails, or make an additional rod.

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Adding a privacy feature to your outdoor space is a must to keep your personal activity to your closest people and yourself. Well, of course, when it comes to dropcloths, they won’t be able to block all the sight but at least it helps you to add more security around your patio. Happy decorating!