The backyard is a spot where we can enjoy all fun and exciting activity with family members and friends. We can’t deny that an outdoor area is something that we can decorate freely as we love and make it looks more eye-catching. One of the outdoor features that you can consider adding to your home improvement job is by installing a pergola. This functional feature can work for both decoration and shade to protect from direct sunlight.

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For those who’re looking for pergola ideas, we’re here with some best inspirations so just keep scrolling!

Best Backyard Pergola Ideas

Backyard Pergola Ideas: Cozy Rustic Decor

Backyard Pergola Ideas 1

In this idea, the backyard looks so stunning with a wooden pergola that connects with the house and becomes a shade of the sitting area under it. If you want to make it more closed, you can add a layer of fabric or glass.

Backyard Pergola Ideas: Natural Rustic Nuance

Backyard Pergola Ideas 2

For people who love a rustic concept, this pergola and privacy screens stand out along with a casual bench and a wood patio as a base. Just like a living room, you can add a simple decor item like a mirror to make it more stylish.

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Backyard Pergola Ideas: Stylish Pergola Style

Backyard Pergola Ideas 3

If you want to make the pergola looks like the real part of the house instead of decoration, this might be the answer. The pergola and screen create a stylish look for your outdoor view with their design.

Backyard Pergola Ideas: Minimalist Outdoor Pergola

Backyard Pergola Ideas 4

Even a simple pergola can make your backyard looks stylish like this minimalist pergola above the porch. A simply painted pergola in this idea makes the whole backyard look becomes cooler and more modern.

Backyard Pergola Ideas: Fresh Earthy Element

Backyard Pergola Ideas 5

This idea is also another inspiration to cover a particular area. The pergola protects both the sitting area and the vertical garden. As this idea shows, it can also be a protection for plants that can’t be under direct sunlight.

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Backyard Pergola Ideas: Decorative Pergola

Backyard Pergola Ideas 6

Again, you can install a pergola for a decorative purpose like this one. You can also use it in front of your front door to make it looks more eye-catching. Wood accents will never fail to create a distinctive look in any home design.

Backyard Pergola Ideas: Simple Pergola Style

Backyard Pergola Ideas 7

This is a good inspiration to make a more protected area for your outdoor sitting or dining area. A rustic pergola that matches the overall concept of the backyard brings a cozier ambiance and an inviting look.

Backyard Pergola Ideas: Elegant Covered Pergola

Backyard Pergola Ideas 8

Making a connected pergola is an option that you can do if you have a sitting area on a porch or deck. The wood accent matches perfectly with the privacy screen, sofa base, and short fence.

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Backyard Pergola Ideas: Cozy Rustic Pergola

Backyard Pergola Ideas 9

This pergola becomes the post to make a swing hammock and sofa and definitely looks stunning. To create a dreamy look at the night, hang some simple fairy lights across the space of the pergola.

Backyard Pergola Ideas: Lovely Farmhouse Concept

Backyard Pergola Ideas 10

Another idea enhances the function of the pergola itself by treating it like an indoor ceiling that you can use as the base of a lighting fixture.

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Adding a pergola in your backyard can be one of the factors to beautify the whole look of your outdoor living space so add it to your wish list now!