For people who love to add a water feature in their backyard is usually those who love being active and aquatic activities. However, for some others, they would prefer a feature that gives them a relaxing and calming effect. This feature is a hot tub, a feature that is not really an active aquatic but more like a hydrotherapy feature.

Some people prefer to install their bathtubs indoor for extra privacy and so that they can use it all year long without worry about the weather. However, for those who have limited space, they have no other choices than placing it outdoor in the backyard. Well, placing it outdoor can be the focal point of your backyard instead.

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We have compiled some backyard hot tub ideas that might help you to choose the best landscape if you are planning to get one your own!

Best Backyard Hot Tub Ideas

Backyard Hot Tub Ideas: Rooftop Hot Tub

Backyard Hot Tub Ideas: Rooftop Hot Tub

If your only ‘backyard’ is the rooftop, then you can install it there. This hot tub looks really captivating by the surroundings. The wooden patio, plants, and beautiful lighting make such a great elegant look. It definitely becomes the focal point of your outdoor spot. If you need extra protection or privacy, you can also build a pergola or adding shade to prevent other’s sight.

Backyard Hot Tub Ideas: Garden Hot Tub

Backyard Hot Tub Ideas: Garden Hot Tub

For some people, this idea might look out of nowhere but it also makes the backyard looks more attractive. A blue hot tub will definitely attract people’s attention among the trees and other plants. To give a more natural and stunning look, place some stones or rocks around it and patio to access it. For the privacy feature, install a fence that also works as the garden fence.

Backyard Hot Tub Ideas: Stunning Above-Ground Hot Tub

Backyard Hot Tub Ideas: Stunning Above-Ground Hot Tub

This above-ground hot tub looks really breathtaking by its unique design. Instead of using a common material like tiles, you might one to use stone, rocks, granite, and even marble as the base of the tub. To complete the look, add some lighting features on each side of the tub.

Backyard Hot Tub Ideas: Hot Tub and Pool

Backyard Hot Tub Ideas: Hot Tub and Pool

Another common idea that many people use is by combining a hot tub and swimming pool in the same area. All the features in this idea look great with a concrete and grass patio, dark wood pergola, and even the waterfall feature.

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Keep scrolling down for more amazing backyard hot tub ideas that will keep you stunned!

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Pick the best outdoor hot tub idea based on your taste, needs, and budget and start getting one for your backyard now!