A table is one of the furniture that every house needs to provide some comfort when serving food or simply as a decorative item. This item is not only needed in an indoor room but also in an outdoor area, includes a backyard.

Adding a table in a backyard is something that can be very important, especially if you have a seating area. Well, when buying a sitting set, it usually comes with a table but the ideas above can be an alternative if you buy the furniture separately.

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To inspire you, we have prepared tons of backyard table ideas just for you that you need to see immediately!

Best Backyard Table Ideas

Backyard Table Ideas: Rustic Wood Pallet

Backyard Table Ideas: Rustic Wood Pallet

Choosing a rustic concept is probably the most suitable theme to use in the backyard. Instead of buying a new table or any furniture, make a simple table with an affordable material like woodblock or pallet. Just like this idea, make a simple pallet table that really goes well with the outdoor surroundings. This table is also the kind of table that is easy to move around compared to a normal table.

Backyard Table Ideas: Unique Floating Table

Backyard Table Ideas: Unique Floating Table

When it comes to an outdoor area, you are free to explore to mix and match your creativity, especially if you are the type of person who loves the DIY thing. Make the table and seating area looks unique and different from the one out there. Please take a not that you need a strong base to support the seat and to make it balance. Otherwise, just make the table floated and use regular chairs to sit.

Backyard Table Ideas: Simple Round Table

Backyard Table Ideas: Simple Round Table

Another rustic table idea that looks quite simple for those who love simplicity. Yes, wood is one of the common materials that many people use for outdoor furniture. Not only because it has good durability, but it’s also quite affordable than other materials. Just like other tables, make it round with a flat base to make it easier to use on a flat surface.

Backyard Table Ideas: Earthy Rattan Look

Backyard Table Ideas: Earthy Rattan Look

For those who love to get a different look, feel, and texture, using rattan as the main material and texture can be a very great idea. This table and chair set blend well with the backyard that is filled with many natural elements like bricks, woods, and stone.

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Keep scrolling down for more inspiring cozy backyard table ideas you need to steal!

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Now, pick the best table idea that you love, mix-matching with your imagination, and start decorating your backyard right away!