Attractive Simple Living Room Ideas for Your Minimalist House

A living room is one of the important parts of a house where you will spend your time with your family members or coming guests. Therefore, you would need a cozy area that will make everyone feel comfortable. Based on every person’s personality and taste, they have their own styles to decorate a living room.

Among many living room ideas that you can find on the internet, a simple concept or minimalist concept still has its own fans. A simple living room gives a cozier and homey feeling because it has simple furniture with a simple arrangement. This kind of concept is also suitable for people who have a small house with limited space.

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To inspire you on how to get a simple living room without losing its function, we have collected some simple living room ideas just for you below!

Best Simple Living Room Ideas

Simple Living Room Ideas: Cozy Seating Corner

Simple Living Room Ideas: Cozy Seating Corner

The combination of beautiful color from the wooden flooring and gray furniture creates a perfect match. This idea gives a minimalist look even from the colors that dominate the room which area neutral and earthy shade. The gray L-shaped sofa matches the gray textured area rug, while the decorative items around complete it in a simple way.

Simple Living Room Ideas: Functional Open Plan

Simple Living Room Ideas: Functional Open Plan

For people who have limited space, using an open plan concept will help a lot because you don’t need any partition feature. Just like this idea, just let the dining room and kitchen face directly to the living room. A simple single navy sofa gives an elegant look to this farmhouse concept. Other than an area rug, another way to differentiate each room in an open plan is by using a chandelier or any lighting feature.

Simple Living Room Ideas: Captivating All-White Room

Simple Living Room Ideas: Captivating All-White Room

Another open plan idea that suits people who love farmhouse or simply an all-white look. The rustic farmhouse concept that covers the whole room from the kitchen to the living room only looks different from the usage of different wood colors. In the living room, use dark wood that looks perfect with a white sofa with some additional chairs with the same shade.

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Simple Living Room Ideas: Stunning Minimalist Room

Simple Living Room Ideas: Stunning Minimalist Room

If you love minimalism, simplicity or contemporary feeling, try having this concept as your reference. Though the room can be quite big, the arrangement and furniture that are used in this room look simple. To complete a modern feeling, even more, add a modern chandelier with warmer lighting that will balance the atmosphere of the room that is dominated by dark shades.

Simple Living Room Ideas: Lovely Dark Gray

Simple Living Room Ideas: Lovely Dark Gray

If you prefer textured furniture, then this idea might inspire you. Instead of a plain sofa with a single color, try using a textured one especially if the surrounding is in a bland color. A beige area rug gives a more earthy layer and also a place for people to sit around. For a more earthy look, add a wooden table and ottoman with the same shade and an indoor potted plant.

Simple Living Room Ideas: Minimalist Gray Shades

Simple Living Room Ideas: Minimalist Gray Shades

Gray is another color to create an elegant look beside white or beige. This combination of every shade of gray, from light to dark, creates an exhilarating result. The color itself gives a clean look and the furniture also enhances it even more. Just like the previous ideas, it doesn’t have many decoration items that might make it looks more cluttering.

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Just keep on reading all the way below to find more lovely and adorable simple living room ideas!

simple living room ideas 7


simple living room ideas 8


simple living room ideas 9


simple living room ideas 10


simple living room ideas 11


simple living room ideas 12

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simple living room ideas 13


simple living room ideas 14


simple living room ideas 15


simple living room ideas 16


simple living room ideas 17


simple living room ideas 18

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So, those are simple living room ideas that you can copy and try in your own living room. Of course, this concept suits in every house and space size no matter how big or small your house is. A simple living room gives indeed a cozier feeling and looks because of the less bulky furniture. When it comes to its arrangement, you can either place it in the middle or on the corner for a small house.

Just pick the best simple living room idea that suits your taste and needs and start getting a new arrangement for your own living room immediately!

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