Nowadays, some homeowners would like to have a modern interior design for their houses. Well, one of the reasons is because it looks stylish and up-to-date. A modern interior style is popular not only because it’s aesthetically pleasing but also eye-catching, especially for some styles like the industrial design.

The industrial style is one of the modern interior designs that offer rawness, roughness, and unpolished material. The easiest way to spot on this style is by seeing uncovered materials like exposed bricks, uncovered pipes, unfinished concrete or cement, steel, metal, and wood. Those are the characteristics of the industrial concept. It may look odd for some people, but for some others, it looks aesthetic and kind of artsy.

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It may difficult to get the concept without any reference, therefore, we have compiled industrial dining room ideas just for you below!

Best Industrial Dining Room Ideas

Industrial Dining Room Ideas: Breathtaking Exposed Bricks

Industrial Dining Room Ideas: Breathtaking Exposed Bricks

The exposed bricks wall is the diva in this dining room. It becomes the focal point that attracts everyone’s attention with its natural color and texture. In the corner, you can see that there are old and rusty pipes. To complete the concept, use wood for the floor and dining table. Don’t forget with some pendants with visible metal, steel or cable.

Industrial Dining Room Ideas: Put Them All Together

Industrial Dining Room Ideas: Put Them All Together

Another idea that uses the exposed bricks method for the walls to create the industrial concept. However, not only that but almost the elements in this dining room are full of the raw and uncovered materials. For example, unfinished concrete floor, unsealed pendant’s cable, the chain of the pendants, wooden table, steel-legged chairs, and table.

Industrial Dining Room Ideas: Simple Industrial Room

Industrial Dining Room Ideas: Simple Industrial Room

For people who don’t really want to fully use this concept, just use enough amount of characters in it. For example, a wooden dining table, concrete flooring, and probably a few metallic decor items. With this combination, a stylish and modern-looking dining room is ready to awe the coming guests.

Industrial Dining Room Ideas: Silver and Earthy Element

Industrial Dining Room Ideas: Silver and Earthy Element

Earthy materials like wood blend well with any material and color. This idea is an example of simple materials like a wooden dining table and silver steel chairs. To create a ‘raw’ color of cement or concrete, use light or slightly dark gray for the wall.

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If you are looking for a modern interior style, you can add this concept to your consideration list. Choosing the industrial style as the main concept of your dining room is a good choice if you like modern interior design. Well, it may tricky and difficult for some people to modify the materials to look as natural as possible.

However, if you feel that it’s too complicated, you can add decor items with one of the characteristic materials. If being in rawness and roughness materials is your style, then this concept should be yours!