Whether you’re a real estate agent or a private individual looking to sell your home to property buyers, it’s imperative to showcase a piece of property that fits the best buyer’s needs and expectations. Showing off a home is not easy – you have to make sure that its ideal merits are in plain sight! Of course, honesty is the best policy when selling any property, but you also have to make sure that you can put your property’s best foot forward. So what does it take to create and prepare a show home to attract the best buyer? Here’s how you can do it right.

Cleanliness is key

Apart from choosing the ideal colours for your walls and elegant décor and other elements, cleanliness is key. If the home is no longer occupied and you want to ensure that everything is spic and span and there is no trace of dust and dirt, hire a cleaning service to do the job for you. They will be sure to pay attention to areas that are often hidden (but which prospective buyers may check), such as window frames, fan blades, taps, and so on. If the property is newly built, it’s best to remove any traces of construction debris from within and without.

Paint the walls a neutral hue

Neutral colours will always work best with show homes because they allow potential buyers to imagine how the space will look once they are already residing in it. As attractive as that bold fire-engine red wall in the living room or dining room is, it doesn’t work for everyone and may even lead to buyers being too distracted with that feature to pay attention to other important features the house may have. Neutral colours such as whites and tans will showcase the actual space and not just the wall colours, and they are perfect if you are staging furniture and various decorative pieces around the space because they complement most themes and styles.

Keep your decorative elements simple

Speaking of décor, you should keep it simple as well, as showhome interior design experts like Blocc will agree. You want your potential buyers to imagine and see themselves dwelling in that home or property – so try to keep the decorative elements simple and not too outlandish. Art on the walls and picture frames, as well as vases and smaller decorative pieces, should appeal to everyone and not just a chosen few. People have different tastes, after all. For instance, a painting of a landscape is naturally appealing, but a leopard-print couch or sofa may not be welcomed with too much enthusiasm by most buyers.

Let the light in

Natural lighting is one wonderful element that can add much better appeal to your showhome, so open up the windows (as long as the weather is good) and don’t forget to add table or floor lamps to various spots which are a bit dim. Rooms that are bright and cheery will look larger, and they will be more welcoming as well. In the same vein, why not bring in some plants? Potted plants and flowers in vases are perfect for bringing warmth and energy into a home, and you can even use them to draw buyers’ attention to something you want them to notice. Good luck!