There are numerous things to think about while relocating abroad. The northern Italian city of Como is home to many well-known tourists and also expats destinations. Como offers foreigners a lot of advantages that will undoubtedly assist you to get to your ultimate decision, if you are considering moving there. Despite the reality that it might not be always the main choice, it still has a lot to offer that you won’t find elsewhere. There are a number of houses for sale in Lake Como, a serene and very lovely region for both foreigners and residents. This enormous Alpine Lake is surrounded by a number of holiday homes, making it a fantastic destination to escape the city.

Living in Como as a Foreigner

The location

Despite not being one of the main cities, Como is well-connected to many other municipalities in the area. The Alps are accessible from Como for individuals who enjoy winter sports. Furthermore, it’s simple to take a quick trip to other European locations. Switzerland is also easily accessible by plane. If you feel like visiting other nearby and bigger well-known cities, Milan, Brescia, and Bergamo, it will be easy too since they are all located in Lombardy.

The community of foreigners and the living costs

Como and the area around the lake are home to a considerable expats’ community. Nevertheless, you are correct if you believe there are fewer foreigners here than in southern Italy. Those prepared to live an outdoor-focused life and foreigners who can depend on a certain level of income both choose it as their home. You won’t have trouble locating others who share your interests if this description matches you. The living costs in the area surrounding Lake Como is rather high when compared to other Italian cities. Como is a luxurious location, and as such, living costs are expensive. This is mostly because of its location and the way of life that its citizens have evolved over the past few decades.

Cultural life and gastronomy

Beyond recreational activities, Lake Como stretches itself to represent ancient cultural customs. The villages that surround Lake Como are dotted with historic buildings that reveal much about earlier ways of life. The massive Roman Baths’ ruins are still clearly evident today. Numerous well-known events are held annually at Lake Como, including exhibitions of designs and flowers, exhibitions of fiber art, lights festivals, and many others. Given that it is in Italy, the cuisine is of excellent quality. You can taste the local specialties in Como, typical of the Lombardy area. Among these, polenta and mussels are quite well-liked in this particular region. Obviously, it’s simple to locate and enjoy the other Italian specialties as well. Wine enthusiasts may interact and sample wonderful selections to match with the delectable cuisine.


Como has a remarkably low crime rate due to its tiny population and location on the lake’s shore. No matter what hour of day you choose to wander alone, it is in general a secure area. Even while it tends to become more tourist-heavy around the holidays, it remains a relatively secure place to live.