Metal is a material that has long been used for windows, and it’s a distinctive and special material that hasn’t lost its usefulness and appeal, even with the introduction of other materials like plastic or PVC-u. But whether you are having new windows installed in your newly-built home or are having older windows replaced or restored, metal will always be a useful and elegant option. But what makes metal windows so special, and are they truly practical and ideal for your building or structure? Here’s everything you should know about metal windows – especially Crittall windows – and their unique benefits.

What they are

Crittall windows go way back – they have a long and highly-esteemed history starting from when they were first developed by Francis Henry Crittall, an ironmonger in Essex, in 1884. In 1889, manufacturing truly began for Crittall windows in the UK, and the rest, as they say, is history. What you should know, however, is that only the windows legally made by none other than Crittall Windows Limited can be referred to as Crittall windows, but they are also instantly recognisable due to their steel framing, usually in black.

Are they ideal for my property?

The good thing about Crittall windows is that they have been used all over the UK for years – and this is why you will often see them featured on the façade of many period properties. But these types of windows are most commonly associated with Modernist and Art Deco styles in the early part of the 20th century. You can still see Crittall windows in many noteworthy structures, which include the Tower of London and the Houses of Parliament.

That being said, Crittall windows can suit most any property style, from period properties with a Victorian design to more modern and contemporary properties and townhouses, as confirmed by experts in Crittall windows in the UK specialising in Crittall replacement and installation.

Are they a practical choice?

There’s no doubt that steel windows like Crittall windows have a classic and elegant appeal, but you’re probably wondering if they are practical as well. The answer is yes, they are. Modern steel window installations can be double-glazed, thus enhancing their thermal efficiency so they can meet required building standards. You can even opt for fire-rated doors from Crittall, which are also readily available.

Of course, like any other window installation, Crittall windows will have to be regularly cleaned; the window cleaner can simply wipe the frames down along with the glass. You should also perform annual maintenance on your Crittall windows, such as lubricating the pivots, hinges, catches, stays, and handles, so you can be sure that they work properly and will remain in good condition.

Will rusting be a problem with my windows?

Many property owners who opt for Crittall or steel windows are concerned about rusting, and rightly so. But you can also avoid this problem by having the steel frames galvanised in a hot dip. Afterwards, a polyester powder coat can be applied to protect the frames from rusting. Most newly installed steel windows will not have to be repainted for as long as two decades.

Are they secure?

Another concern of home and property owners in regards to steel windows is their security. But they are quite secure indeed. Because of their design consisting of multiple frames, it is harder for anyone to gain access simply by breaking the glass.