It must feel very great to finally have a dream house that you have dreaming of for years! However, sometimes we have to consider a lot of things before spending our savings on a house. With a lot of considerations, we finally decide on buying a small and minimalist house. When it comes to decorating a small house, homeowners might find some difficulties.

For a high-traffic area like a bathroom, some homeowners want to make it feels as comfortable as possible because it’s where they want to feel refreshed after a long tiring day. You don’t want to have a messy bathroom that will only stress you out. Below we have some organizing tricks that you can try for your small bathroom. Just keep scrolling down to get more inspiration!

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How to Organize Small Bathrooms

1. Simple Wall Organizer

How to Organize Small Bathrooms 1

Bathroom walls are probably one of the spots that you might miss when it comes to decorating or use as an additional organizer spot. If you don’t have enough space to use a huge cabinet set, you can simply make your own wall organizer by using adhesive wall organizers to put some stuff from combs, skincare, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and other things. This will also make your children easier to reach their stuff since it’s placed near the sink.

2. Hanging Stylish Racks

How to Organize Small Bathrooms 2

Do you have enough space to put a bigger organizer? Then you might want to try a hanging rack with a slightly stylish design. By using a rack, you can put some bigger stuff like towels, toiletry supplies, and even indoor plants. It would be better if you place the rack in a dry spot near the vanity, mirror, or sink so it doesn’t get exposed to any splash and other moisture.

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3. Hidden Storage

How to Organize Small Bathrooms 3

Instead of making an ‘obvious’ organizer, a hidden one can be a good option so you don’t have to expose everything outside. One of the spots that you can use to put your bathroom stuff is under a sink or vanity. To make everything easy to access, use a lazy-susan, bottles, or boxes as drawers to differentiate each product based on the types and sizes.

4. Simple Baskets

How to Organize Small Bathrooms 4

There are tons of home decor items that you can find online that can be a solution to make everything in your home organized and neat. Like this idea, you can use a simple basket that you can hang inside a vanity or even outside in the walls. This kind of functional item is a really good option that you can try to use and provide various styles and shapes.

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5. Minimalist Floating Shelf

How to Organize Small Bathrooms 5

Here’s another simple wall organizer that doesn’t only look good but also functional since you can use it to put your necessities. This kind of feature is suitable for you who want to put stuff that you really use often while the rest things are in other places. Some main toiletries like body wash, shampoo, boy puff, and towel can be hung here.

6. Trendy Functional Racks

How to Organize Small Bathrooms 6

You might notice on some social media platforms that there are a lot of multifunctional racks or organizers that you can buy at affordable prices. Just like this one, a floating organizer works as its main function to put some stuff but it also has a space to put a phone just in case you don’t want to miss your favorite shows or listening to your favorite playlists while getting ready.

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7. Creative Rod

How to Organize Small Bathrooms 7

If you have a shower curtain or a used one, you can make it as a hanging organizer to put things like a moisturizer, shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, and other stuff in tubes. You can simply use clips to hang the products and will definitely make your organizing job becomes a lot easier.

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A small bathroom is not a reason to stop you from making your bathroom feels comfortable and looks spacious. The simplest thing that you can do to make your small area feels roomy is by optimizing every empty space for additional storage for your toiletries.

We hope that these easy tricks can help you to find a solution to make your small bathroom feels and looks roomy.